Jonathan DeCima


If you like to work on your items and get the most out of them, this is the printer for you. You can get the printer to make awesome prints at as low as .06mm layer height with no upgrades and while there will be some artifacts, it's CRAZY how good this thing prints. Once you upgrade (printing upgrades then buy the hardware) you can easily compete with the Prusa I3 mk2. And since the support group is SO large, there are MANY upgrade types, conversions, and a huge amount of help available. Best choice I could have made for a 3D printer

Kyle Ho


Fun to assemble and a pain to wire as with most printers. Had to solder extensions to several wires as most were too short to do any extensive customisation in terms of wire layout.

Wesley Strubhar


Great entry printer for the price! I enjoyed the challenge of the assembly, but I could see it being frustrating if someone expects it to be straight forward and easy. It takes some sorting to get everything right. Some of the pictures in the directions are wrong. But the parts are nicely sorted and bagged. Watch some youtube assembly vids before doing your own. It will help. Be ready to turn the power off quickly if something goes wrong when initially starting to move or home axes. Bottom line is that the aluminum extrusion frame makes this probably the best entry printer currently available at this price point for future expansion potential. I got a decent print from mine on the second try. My first attempt failed only because I didn't have a belt tight enough. I've never built anything like this before, and I succeeded. So it may not be easy, but it is entirely possible. Get one and enjoy!

Andrew Fedorov


Great printer !!!!!!



The Chinese manufacturer - Electron 3D Printers, represented by Chris Leonardo - was very kind. Impressive customer service!