Emmanuel Carrillo TreviƱo


Fast and quality service

Doug Young Sr.


Fast shipping, although I ordered it at the beginning of a Chinese holiday week. But once shipped it arrived a day early.

Mackenzie Longpre


I think it's a great online store that gives you a lot more specs. than most online 3d printer stores and the site is so simple to follow.

Chris Klepel


After some testing the printer works great! It was sadly lacking in instructions for assembly though. I would buy this product again and recommend it to those interested.

Ryan Fernandes


The parts arrived in excellent packaging. Quality of most parts is fairly good however the instructions are a bit incomplete and I had to refer to some youtube videos for the tricky parts. All wiring is just plug and play, no need for soldering or crimping. I would recommend this kit to beginners as well assembly is comparatively easier to assemble and calibrate. I am a bit savvy with these things so i updated the firmware to my liking. The only thing missing is a spool holder which I will print later. The freebie filaments are not of much use. Also, there is a bonus bag of nuts and bolts which may come in handy for any upgraded. I also received a titan extruder but i prefer to use the regular bowden extruder for now. In short, it is a value for money product. I havent printed anything yet, so i cannot say much about the quality of printing. Tip: Turn the eccentric nuts to tighten any loose carriages or if there is a gap left between the wheels