Richard Balbedina


Printer is great. Some instructions need work. But overall I'm happy with my printer

Kyle Carter


Instructions are hard to read .. not very descriptive Step by Step besides that very good Printer

Victor Whitmore


I am fully satisfied with this Tevo Tarantula, my first 3D printer. The kit was complete and professionally packaged. The manual for assembly is somewhat incomplete so I followed an instruction video on the Internet. I found that the 4 M5 idler pulleys had a faulty bearing in each pulley. Tevo is replacing the pulleys but I paid for shipping. As a first printer, this one is reasonable quality at a great price and I highly recommend it.

Sean Morgan


First for the price this is a great printer, if you are into spending a lot of time building and mostly reading on the facebook community website to learn what to do so that your machine is up and running smoothly. The only part that was disappointing was the auto leveling bed sensor. It is a real pain to get it installed and for me not worth the effort. Will probably find a sensor that is of better quality in the future.Decided not to use it and did a manual leveling that turned out great. Look for Arcaded videos on this build that helped out a great deal. Although his videos are not perfect it gave me the confidence to build the printer. 48 hours after having built it I have printed out 3 objects and I must say that they are of very good quality. The best part of this printer is when you have built it there is a ton of upgrades that you will be able to make with your printer.

Jonathan DeCima


If you like to work on your items and get the most out of them, this is the printer for you. You can get the printer to make awesome prints at as low as .06mm layer height with no upgrades and while there will be some artifacts, it's CRAZY how good this thing prints. Once you upgrade (printing upgrades then buy the hardware) you can easily compete with the Prusa I3 mk2. And since the support group is SO large, there are MANY upgrade types, conversions, and a huge amount of help available. Best choice I could have made for a 3D printer