I have had a good experience with this printer. My teenage daughter Tiara creates exceptionally impressive prints out of it. I purchased the dual extruder Pro E3D Bowden Metal version, which even though cost me a few more bucks, but it’s worth it. It has been more than 3 months I am using it and the filament has rarely blocked the nozzle. However, I feel that it would be really nice if they could reduce the costings for larger build-up volume… Just a thought!



It's Everything I Hoped For! I had honestly great expectations from Slimbot. Thankfully, I am satisfied with its functioning. The auto levelling platform upgrade with height detection is the reason behind my purchase. The price of this DIY is highly reasonable. I like printing creative products like recently I was able to print iPhone 7 Airpods, which was fun and tricky. Good thing is I was able to connect it with Cura and slicing became a rather convenient affair.



The printer got delivered on time and the kit includes everything which is required to assemble the printer. I assembled it on my own with the help of the manual which provides clear instructions. After the assembling part got complete, I was still not able to get precise print outs. I called customer care and they resolved the issue over phone. I made some changes and after that I got the best print outs. I have been working with this printer since 2 months and I am very happy to own it.



Being an unprofessional, I was able to assemble the printer without within few hours. Initially I was dicey about working on a 3D printer but this printer is so easy to use that I feel like I own it since years. The printer can be updated as per your requirement and the huge print area offers accurate and high quality print outs. The auto-leveling and auto-calibration are the best features of this printer according to me. These features save a lot of time and help me to print a lot.



The machine is a complicated one as it took me almost a day to assemble it. And my next was consumed in understanding how the printer works. After completing the assembling process also I faced many other issues with the printer like the hot ends got blocked while I was changing the filament and at the time of taking print outs the nozzle got jammed, I face these issues for 1 week. since the I'm getting decent prints