The Chinese manufacturer - Electron 3D Printers, represented by Chris Leonardo - was very kind. Impressive customer service!



This printer is good, there are some places in the instructions that are a bit confusing, but the customer service was nice and helpful. I would give it 5 stars but I needed to get a piece of glass for it (not hard to find), it prints well and wasn't hard to assemble after I got the instructions cleared up, I would recommend it because it is a good printer for the price.

Ernesto Rodriguez


Estoy trabajando con el equipo y considero que tiene muy buena calidad en sus materiales, funcionamiento muy estable y una resolución formidable. Muy fácil de ensamblar. Gracias



It's not perfect but it works as though it is. I bought this with no knowledge of 3D printing at all. I have to say I'm extremely pleased!! While it's not with out some minor defects, they can all be easily fixed or replaced. I recommend taking your time. This build took me just about 20 hours from box to print, I also took my time.

One of my fans came broken. The wire had detached from the fan taking a small section of the board it was soldered to. Fortunately the was another place I was able to solder the it just to the left of the red wire. This worked and saved me having to get a replacement.

Also the added washers in the kit are never called for in the directions, so use them should you need them! I had to use them when attaching my extruder to the motor as the screws were too long and bottomed out before pulling everything together tight. I ended up using 3 washers on each screw to get the right fit.

All in all with a little tweaking and some ingenuity thus is an awesome printer for the price!! Excellent beginner's printer as you will learn how everything works by going through the build. My first print was a part I designed using Sketchup software and it printed perfectly with stock setting from the directions. All directions and drivers come on included disc and you can watch videos on youtube.

Corie dunn


I got this printer yesterday and it's Freaking SWEET . It took my 6 hours to assemble and another hour to tune ( this was my first DIY printer ) . The instructions and received was on a cd rom and they are just pictures with some links to YouTube for the belt install not hard to do it just takes time . I used a dail caliper to adjust and set the bed height world great . The only problem I had was that the filliment pressure wheel was not coming in contact with the drive motor but a little help with a round fail and all is good . Take your time and have fun building it it's always cool watching something your built work so well .