The printer comes with very well printed, but incomplete instructions. It is pity that I have to look the "instructons" in youtube. I have some experience with this kind of aluminium profiles as well as with the 3D printers, so I managed to mount it. Works well, but the proximity sensor for autoleveling (I do not know how it works, but it seems to work) sometimes does not detect metal plate. Please keep your hand on STOP switch when homing Z axis! I have to look how to reapir main acrilic frame and the Z motor acrilic holder.

Francis Hui


I ordered this printer and indeed it arrived within the promise lead time and the kit includes everything which you require to assemble the printer. I have not started as i am studying to further improve as there is forum on this printer. Base on the price is consider value for money. I am really happy with it.



I paid double of its actual price! It is an average printer!

First thing first, there’s an entire DIY printer in the box and assembling it is not an easy task. In spite of the manual which came along, it took my whole evening to assemble Slimbot. I bought the dual extruder but the extra money I invested was not worth it.

I have faced countless problems with the nozzle, which gets regularly blocked. If you are not familiar with complexities of 3D printing, you should not go for this printer.

Christian Bono


This Slimbot printer is a good printer to start with 3d printing. However, it is only able to get a layer resolution of .1-.4mm, which can be improved with a little bit of tinkering. I ordered this printer because I found it very cheap.  It is compatible with ABS, Wood, PLA, nylon and provides fine print quality.

At such a price, it is value for money. I will recommend this printer to all my 3D pals.

Thomas R. Luke


I am not good with machines and technology so I was really scared about ordering this printer but as my work demanded so I had to. I read the manual step by step and assembled the printer on my own. I was surprised to see such an easy and less time consuming assembling process.

The Kit comes complete with everything including the filament so that you can start printing the minute you are done with the assembling and adjusting process. The best feature about this printer is the auto- leveling which also features auto- height detection platform and helps in offering unbelievable results.