Alex Whitmore


If you like to build and tweak on stuff this is the way to go. Make sure to join the tevo tarantula owners Facebook group and watch arcaded''s step by step youtube video during assembly. Extremely fast shipping. I ordered the kit on a Friday night, there was a holiday on Monday and I received the package on Wednesday. I Couldn't believe it.



This has to be the best deal on the internet.

Great Prints. Got the pro ED3 extruder- allows you to print with flexible material. There's a set of youtube videos explaining each part of the build and a facebook group for added support. Anyway, it works, just buy it



Its a perfect one for beginners to learn 3d printing technology. Assembling wont take much time, it just took 2 hours for me to assemble the kit, the only mistake I made was not choosing large print area, else things could have been much better. Recommended

Pascal Damay


Very fast shipping, good price, good machine but really poor manual, you must be bob the builder to mount this printer, but it should be the same with the other prusia's clones ...

Paul Laurent


I bought this printer for my office and overall this is a very nice 3D printer.

Pros: Easy to assemble, Sturdy aluminum extrusion frame, extremely easy to customize, large printing volume,

Cons: Additional support is required for its frame; you need to be cautious while using the rollers on the frame as they require extra maintenance.  

Overall, this 3D Slimbot is an affordable machine that offers a decent set of competences.