Dylan Richardson


My first 3D printer and the experience was awesome. Took me about 6 hours to setup and start printing. The instruction manual reads like a Lego manual would but it was just fine. Will update later with pictures and a more detailed review, just wanted to get my 5 stars on there!



This is my first 3D printer. Being a DIY kit, This printer went together very easily. Parts are laser cut, and self jigging so alighnment, for the most part, is not an issue. It takes some tweaking and some trial and error, but in the end it is worth it. I am still learning how best to print things.

I was also resigned to rough looking objects until I discovered that I was printing in fast mode in cura. Once I switched to normal, high resolution, or ultra definition, the print layers got really thin and the objects became really smooth.

I also had problems with adhesion, until I turned the nozzle temp up to 225 and the bed temp up to 77 degrees. To prevent things from falling apart on the print bed, I selected to use a grid support instead of Now things are clicking along very nicely!

All in all, a great printer from Electron series.

Michael Laffosse


I had concerns about getting this in time for Christmas, online support told me I'd be good. It got to my house in three days from Hong Kong! No problems! Will buy from here next time for sure.



excellent packing.received in good condition. Every small items were there in correct number.



I bought this with the intention of spending a considerable amount of time and effort into the build and I was sure right. I will say the instructions could be revised a little bit. It took about 5 hours to construct and 30 minutes to calibrate. Pay attention to detail with the layout in the instruction because pieces can be assembled backwards. Other than that, I love this printer. With the right patience you can print remarkable pieces.