Assembling the printer was not as easy as I expected it to be. I assembled the printer in one go and was ready to print. But when the very first print came out I realized that the print outs are blurred. I contacted customer care and they told me to fix some of the parts again. I again started assembling and it took a lot of time. I am happy with the auto-leveling and auto-calibration as it saved a lot of time. I would recommend the printer only if you can assemble it with patience.



Before ordering the printer, I read all the online specifications and realized that this printer is what I was looking for. I have chosen the dual extruder option as the printer offers the choice of single and dual extruder. The extruders are made up of good quality material and specially designed to cool down instantly and that is why I am able to print one model after another in a single go. I am slightly disappointed with the printing speed as it is slow.



The printer is offered with the choice of single and dual extruder and I have chosen dual extruder. Although dual extruders are costlier than single extruder but they are worth spending on. The high quality extruders are designed in such a way that they cool down immediately and the printer gets ready for the next print out. I am not very happy with the nozzle as it is not an updated one unlike other parts. But all in all I like the printer and will recommend it too.



I am happy with my purchase. The printer is very economical and is easy to use. Initially also I never had to make any extra efforts to understand the printer as manual was enough. My husband also finds the printer very easy to use and he got extremely happy when he was able to connect it to Cura. I am very pleased with the auto-leveling and auto-calibration and due to these features I am able to deliver more to my clients. Satisfied!



I assembled the printer only after going through the each instruction again and again. But still I was not able to fix the printer accurately and was getting blurred print outs. I contacted customer care and they asked me to fix few things again. After that day I get good and precise print outs all the time. I have even printed on many filaments like PLA, Wood and ABS and the outcomes never disappointed me. I am happy that I selected the single extruder as it is affordable and reliable.