Jacob Farington


A best 3D printer at such an economic price! I was amazed when I open the packaging and found that at such a reasonable price, I got this 3D printer featuring bowden-style extruder, heated bed and full metal frame. Even, I received two PLA spools free. Its printing speed as well as print quality is very commendable.

The product came in secure packaging. I was able to assemble it easily with the mentioned instructions almost within an hour. Thanks God, I trusted on my friend and the reviews that I read about it, else this amazing 3D printer won’t be a part of my inventory.

Bob Shawn


Pretty Satisfied with my purchase!

This 3D Slimbot is amongst the unique 3D printers, I have purchased so far. I like its auto-leveling and auto-calibration mechanism a lot. Even, I also like its LCD display and integrated SD card. Even, its build is good. I use it with number of filaments and materials.

Though its print quality is superb but its print speed is very less. I also faced some issues in positioning the axes.

I was able to assemble this within a short span of time.



Shipping was really fast to the US. It took me about 6hr. to build. ( with my 3 yr. olds help ). Lots of fun putting it together. Would recommend it.

Richard Crumley


I have just finished the build, watch a few video's, its quite straight forward. Printed my first print and everything looks good. I think this is well worth the price. Richard

Shawn Johnson



I purchased this 3D Slimbot as I was done with going to printing shops to get my work done. Was so in need of a good printer and must say this one is satisfactory. I kind of have a zero patience level. So, when the kit arrived, although the packaging was done well but it took me quite a lot of time in assembling the components as I am not a master at wiring and stuff.

I wish they could have made it easier to assemble the kit. The printer is good. Its build, materials, print quality is also satisfactory. Precision is not that amazing I expected. I would say I’m satisfied!