zosos on 18/03/2016
77 reviews
Nice printer! Works very well. Follow the video instructions and you cannot lose. Thanks, Ben
Nazeem Jummun on 15/03/2016
77 reviews
Received very quickly. All good. I was able to print straight away once everything was set up. Very Happy.
Martin Hrehor on 06/03/2016
77 reviews
Just made a first successful print, took me hours to set it all up properly. Good printer for the price, assembly was easy, but it doesn't come with a manual, so I followed these tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7OGtDmFA6R6nBhSznM8lyO57RcmNu6Vk I'd recommend it to everyone who wants to try out 3D printing.
Charlotte Crouse on 29/02/2016
77 reviews

Nothing Beats Electron 3D Slimbot

I opened the box and I got everything I needed to get it run straight out of it. The kit was packaged well with all the parts enclosed in thick, custom-cut foam. 

I purchased this 3D printer for my photography album and I’m happy to have made this decision.

The printer includes some good touches including an ACME screw for Z-axis, aluminum heated bed, LCD controller and a decent extruder. Its print speed is very fast. It indeed is an unbeatable printer!   

Travis S. on 18/02/2016
77 reviews

This printer is also known as the Tevo Tarantula. I just finished my first print (yes, this is my first printer), and I'm very impressed.

Join the user group on Facebook (it is a closed group). One of the members put up a video series on building this printer, and there are many other posts that are very helpful.

The manufacturer is also in that group and is responsive to questions and suggestions.

The instructions are just the pictures you see in this ad. I was able to build 95% of this kit with just those images.