Phillip Lew


What is this 3D Pen thing?

It’s a 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen that uses 3D Printing technology, It extrudes plastic which can be given shapes.

I got this as a gift for my son for the New Year and he has been super excited about it. For $69 it’s an amazing gift idea.

The pen requires no expertise to use and can be setup within seconds, its easy to hold in the hand and does not jam like the ones available for cheap.



My 12 year old kid uses this pen and kind of loves it.

My only concern is the fumes which are released when this plastic is melted. Is there any official report which tells how lethal these are?

Vernon K. Wellborn


I gifted this 3D printing pen to my 15 years old daughter so that she can give life to her imagination. The pen is easy to setup and it took her around 10 minutes to figure out how the pen works.

The pen’s quality is fine but I wish it didn’t make so many strings of plastic on the thing which my daughter is making. It is very much similar to the hot glue as you end up having to wind up a spider webs. But it is light in weight and easy to hold in hand.



Wish it didn't make so many strings of plastic on the thing you are making. It's similar to hot glue where you end up having to wind up a spider webs worth of plastic string from your project. It is a little annoying and its happening with 2 of these pens so I guess it’s a standard.

The pen also tends to cog and the reverse does not work most of the times.



It is a good form but technology is not there yet. The plastics are extremely difficult to extrude and needs a lot of practice. The nozzle keeps clogging and as it has a hot end it could be dangerous for kids.

I think these should be sold with age marking as most parents are buying this, thinking that this thing is a toy but it really isn’t.