Jerry Durand


There were some minor assembly problems, several screws were loose, but once I sorted that out it works very nicely. I've printed PLA, ABS, and polycarbonate with no problems. I've added a 40mm fan under the plastic under the plastic over the MKS board and a filament holder.



Filament was a major issue in my previous printer and I ordered this printer because of its quick-release feature only. This advanced feature allows flawless and instant filament feeding. Printer’s compatibility with various filaments like ABS, PLA etc. makes it a must have as you get a vast variety of print outs from a single machine. With latest features the printer is also capable of offering high quality print outs which are precise. I use the printer daily and I get the same results. Recommended!



I was doubtful regarding ordering a 3D printer online as being an immature I don’t have much knowledge about 3D printers. But to my surprise this printer was very easy to assemble and the manual helped a lot. I read it carefully and assembled the printer patiently in the single go. The 8 GB memory card is useful as it lets me transfer files directly without any delay. While printing ones I faced a minor issue with the stepper motors but that got solved and all the credit goes to customer care support.



I bought this printer a month ago. It is a good quality printer as it consists of strong and durable aluminum extrusion frame and you can also give it a customized look as per your requirement. Apart from the aluminum extrusion, the liner belts for axis and MK8 extruder are also good quality parts. 10 days back while I was printing the filament got clogged and I had to fix it again. It consumed a lot of time and I hope that I do not face such an issue again.



It is a very economical printer and yet is equipped with best features. The MK8 extruder and liner belts for XYZ axis are of high quality and helps the printer in offering the best and precise print outs. The stepper motor works exceptionally good and I have never faced any of the issue with any part. It is compatible with various filaments like PLA, ABS, woo-polymer and the quality of model in each filament is equally good. The 8 GB memory card helps to transfer files instantly.