I bought Sunhokey Reprap Prusa 3 months back and it is an excellent quality printer. It was easy to assemble as manual and online videos helped a lot. I assembled it on my own without taking any help. I am very happy with the aluminum alloy which is super flat and offers the best quality print. Few days back I faced problem with the stepped motors, I just hope support team will solve the issue going on



This printer is so easy to use and operate that it is the best printer for beginners. As a beginner I learned a lot from the printer. The printer is equipped with quick- release feed gears which offers faster and easy feeding of filament. Along with this, the printer offers supper-flat aluminum alloy print for better quality print. The printing quality is precise and offers high resolution prints. I print many models in a day and the printing speed maintains its consistency. Highly recommended!



I am satisfied with the printer. This is my first 3D printer and I was very dicey about ordering a printer online but the printer exceeded my expectations. Assembling the machine was easy and all the parts that came along are of good quality. I only faced a minor issue with stepper motors but I fixed it with the help of customer care support. The multiple filament compatibilities lets me print in various filaments and the quality remains the same in each filament. I will recommend the printer to everyone!



I ordered the printer for my son who is doing a lot of DIY project these days. But I am not happy with the purchase. I find the printer too complicated for my son and also the quality is not what I expected. I assembled the printer before giving it to me and assembling was a hard task to crack. The manual which came along is useless as the instructions are incomplete. My son has been using the printer from past 2 months and he told me the filament gets clogged very often and he has to stop the printing process and have to start again after fixing it.

Haniya Imtithal


Are you interested in printing household items or toys? Then, shop this Sunhokey Prusa i4 from the most reliable 3D printer online store at affordable price. I am so happy for my decision to purchase three 3D printers including this one from this store for my toy manufacturing unit.

This printer has utmost amazing features I experienced so far. It has a sturdy aluminum extrusion frame and extremely easy to customize as per the requirement. This printer delivers large printing build with highly précised and quality of prints. This is a perfect device in desktop 3D printer market.