I ordered this printer for my architectural work. I was so curious to work on this printer as my colleague has praised a lot about this printer. It arrived timely and this semi-assembled machine took very less time to set its framework accurately. But, when I processed my first print, the filament clogged the nozzle and it stopped in between the process. This made me apprehensive. The technician has cleared the nozzle and set the device again. Now, I am getting smooth and highly précised prints without any woes and issues.

Overall, a nice printer!!

Danica Carver


Two months back, I bought this Prusa i4 3D printer for my office work. This is a standard component DIY kit which is set to be a plug and play device. It arrived with all parts and screws that are ready to roll with soldering connections. It is semi-assembled that saves my time a lot in its assembling and calibration process.

Despite that, it arrived with a smashed acrylic frame which was the main issue that bothered me. I wish it would construct with steel or aluminum material, it might be worth more for its rigidity and less risk of damaging and altering of the machine especially during shipping.

Overall, I like this product. Handle with care device!

Kenneth D. Pettigrew


I ordered this printer for my wife as she is a fashion designer. As she knows nothing about 3D printers so I decided to assemble it for her before gifting it to her. The assembling part was easy as I watched video and read all the instructions clearly at the time of assembling. I faced an issue with the stepper motors but the problem got solved after contacting the customer care service. Thank you for your help guys! My wife loved this printer and involves it in all her projects. She is happy with its high speed and good print pits.

Lexus Melton


Reprap Prusa i4 is my second printer that is a great buy so far. I am a manufacturer of small plastic daily need items. I bought this printer in my work assets to increase my productivity. It was my best decision to buy it. I love its high-quality built featuring MK8 extruder, best quality linear belts for XZY axis, light-weight acrylic frame in yellow & black color combination and multiple filament compatibilities. It is a great printer for beginners too, as it provides the step-by-step learning experience. Optimums printer!!

Amy Ashley


It is a smartly engineered device in the 3D industry. It functions incredibly. It has remarkable print quality with high printing speed and large print size. Its USP is Mk8 updated extruder assembly and its impeccable X-axis precision designing. I would certainly endorse this to those who wants to explore themselves into 3D printing learning. Hassle-free printer with the maximum result-oriented device!!