Amy Ashley


It is a smartly engineered device in the 3D industry. It functions incredibly. It has remarkable print quality with high printing speed and large print size. Its USP is Mk8 updated extruder assembly and its impeccable X-axis precision designing. I would certainly endorse this to those who wants to explore themselves into 3D printing learning. Hassle-free printer with the maximum result-oriented device!!

Gertrude A. Pham


I am new to 3D printers and do not know anything about them. But now many of my projects demand 3D printers so I have to order this one. I decided to assemble the printer on my own so that I can get to know about its part and usage and to my surprise I experience a hassle free assembling. I am very impressed with the MK8 Extruder which is of high quality and the printer is also equipped with quick- release feed gears which allow smooth and faster filament feeding. The printer is too good if you are a fresher as you will learn a lot from this printer.

Randall A. McCall


I own many 3D printers as all my employees used them in my office on daily basis and I am so happy to tell you guys that this is the best 3D printer which I won. It provides support to various 3D printing filaments like ABS, flexible, Wood-Polymer, PLA which allows us to offer a wide variety to our clients. The quick- release feed gears of the print allows quicker and easy feeding of filament. The printer offers high quality prints and the quality do not decrease even after taking so many prints. Recommended to everyone!



Reasonably Featured!

For beginners it is a good printer, they can lean on it. Its printing speed is praiseworthy. The printing quality is up to my expectations. This is my first experience with Reprap which was an amazing experience.

Addie T. Gibson


I ordered this printer for my new office and it arrived 6 days after I placed the order. But it arrived in very poor condition. The packaging was poorly done and that is why half of the parts were missing from the kit. I contacted customer care to send me the missing part and they arrived after another 10 days. All the parts are of poor quality and are also not labelled correctly and that is why it took me a lot of time to figure out the parts and assemble them. I am highly disappointed with this printer.