Noah Smith on 10/05/2016
39 reviews
I bought this Sunhokey Reprap Prusa i4 DIY Kit last week. I am really impressed with its printing speed. The quality of the prints delivered till now is fantastic. It was easy to assemble and didn’t take much time. It works smoothly without trouble and is really functional. The Reprap Prusa i4 3D printer comes with a durable LCD screen and a memory card (8GB). The smooth operation and excellent print quality is the USP of this 3D printer.
Lisa J. Franklin on 05/05/2016
39 reviews

As I am working on a very important project these days and the client is also demanding a lot so I thought of ordering this printer to satisfy my client. Yes, it arrived on time with everything included. I had a tough time while assembling the printer as 3D printers are new to me.

I had to go through each instruction or step thrice before moving to the new step and somehow managed to assemble it in 6 hours. The printer quality just average and it nothing is very impressive or outstanding about this printer.

Bruce Leon on 29/04/2016
39 reviews
Reprap Prusa i4 is a reasonably featured 3D printer. It’s a great choice for a beginner and works satisfactorily. I was able to assemble it within a few hours with simple follow instructions. Although it does not deliver out of the box quality prints and do not justify the price of the equipment. The printing speed of Prusa i4 is very commendable. My first 3D printing experience was good with Reprap. However, I think it is rather costly than its worth.
Trucker J Stefan on 27/04/2016
39 reviews
Great kit from Sunhokey. Highly recommended.
Roman Deve on 20/04/2016
39 reviews

I am very much happy with the Reprap Prusa i4 3D printing experience.  I am using it from the last few months and its printing quality is good as well as the speed is superb.  Perfectly constructed, the Prusa i4 3D printer comes with quality-assured linear belts and Stepper motors.

Apart from its functioning, one thing I like the most is its solid and light weight external casing. Devising the Prusa i4 was not much tough or a difficult task for me. I was able to assemble it within a few hours with simple instructions on the manual.