Harvey Bruce on 25/02/2016
39 reviews
This was my very first experience with 3D printers and I am quite satisfied with it. The instructions mentioned on the package box were quite simple to follow and I completed the entire set within few hours. Although this printer came at a rather costly market price but I am satisfied with the quality of prints delivered. The printing speed is also very good. I had a nice 3D printing experience.
John Macob on 17/02/2016
39 reviews

The Reprap Prusa i4 from Sunhokey is a smart creation in 3D printing industry. I like Prusa i4 for its amazing speed, smooth functioning and easy devising. 

The MK8 Extruder is main attraction of this utility-filled 3D printer. It is fully packed with all unique features like stepper motor, 8 GB memory card to linear belts.

Also, its external casing is lightweight and solid. I am very happy with Reprap Prusa i4 3D printer designed by Sunhokey. Highly recommended!

Bruce Roman on 03/02/2016
39 reviews

Pretty good printer at such an economic price! I am satisfied with its quality. Reprap Prusa i4 printing speed is commendable. Building the Prusa i4 3D printer was simple with instruction manual.

The one thing that bothered me a lot was stepper motors that were not working efficiently together. I had to crosscheck it with the customer support and after that everything was quite good.

Thanks for the support.  Great 3D printer for architecture beginner!

Susi Harrington on 12/01/2016
39 reviews

I must say the Reprap Prusa i4 from Sunhokey is definitely a smart creation in 3D printing industry. Its speed is amazing, print quality is superb, functioning is smooth and assembling it is hassle free, even for a newbie.

MK8 Extruder is the USP of this Sunhokey Reprap Prusa printer. It is supplied with an LCD screen, an 8 GB memory card, stepper motor and linear belts. 

It is a perfect purchase at such a cheap price. Highly recommended! I am looking forward for more such utility-filled designs from the company.