Like all Prusa kits, it takes time and patience to buiild. Take your time, especially ensuring that everything is as straight or squared up as possible. Review all instructions and videos - they do leave some blanks but looking at pictures of assembled units will get you to the promised land. I was getting great prints immediately. It prints surprisingly well! The metal frame will wobble frontwards and backwards with aggressive printing - I wish they had strengthened the base a little more. I solved that by printing square supports that sit under the z-axis motors. The supplied z-axis stepper motors with integral threaded shafts for the z-axis is what makes this kit much better than most Prusa I3 clones that use shaft couplers. The vertical print banding found in a lot of kits of this type due to z axis "wobble" is non-existent for this printer as a result. Enclosing teh power supply and controller board makes this a much safer and cleaner looking it.



This printer is all I wanted for my DIY projects. It is not only compatible with many operating systems like Mac or Linux but it is also compatible with many filaments. I can print whichever model I want to in many filament and can present a huge variety to my clients. They all are very impressed with my work. Even the build-up size is so huge that I experiment a lot and print models of various sizes. The quality which I always get is very impressive and unbeatable.



I am very happy that my brother recommended the printer to me. I started printing on ABS and gradually I moved to PLA, PVA and Wood and I was very impressed with all the results. The high resolution printing quality and precise print outs are offered every time I take a print out. I am not very happy with the printing speed which tests my patience at times. It gets slow and I don’t have so much time to consume in a single print out.



I was not sure of the printer’s quality when I ordered it. But when I received it I was really impressed to see the all-metal frame printer which is strong and made with best quality material. I find the printer too heavy and it cannot be shifted from room to room in my office so I print in my cabin only. I wanted a portable printer but with such great quality I am happy with this one too. It is the best 3D printer!



My earlier printer only used to print on PLA and that is why I wanted a printer which can print on various filaments. And this printer exceeded my expectations as it can print outstandingly well on many filaments like Wood, ABS, PLA, PVA and even Nylon. The print outs never disappointed me and each filament have proved to be equally good. The printer is also compatible with various operating systems like Linux and Mac and it gets easy to connect the printer to any system.