Jamie Heston on 01/01/2016
6 reviews

I'm quite satisfied with my JG Aurora Prusa i3. The instructions were easy to follow, but I'd have had an easier time if I'd read them through from beginning to end a couple of times first.

This would have prevented my having to disassemble it once during assembly to flip the main part of the frame such that the hole for the LCD wheel was on the correct (right) side. Also, be careful when tightening the allen heads, I cracked one of the z-axis mounts (JG Aurora is mailing me a new one) by over-tightening.

JG Aurora support has been very responsive. I heard back from them within 12 hours of sending a message...3 times.

I was trying my first print in about 4 hours. Now I'm just tweaking the process, this takes far more time but would be true for any Prusa i3.