Nir Dobovizki on 11/05/2016
7 reviews
I have only had this printer for a couple of hours. This is my third 3d printer, the last two were junk, one a kit and the second a makerbot clone. The kit never worked right, the makerbot clone worked for two weeks. This is a fantastic printer, quality of the prints in very nice. It worked as it should straight out of the box. I really wished I got this one before wasting the money on the first two.
Mike B on 04/05/2016
7 reviews

Amazing machine, especially for the price! Had to do a little manual leveling of the print head supports to get the switches to engage for the self-leveling feature, but other than that, it printed well right out of the box. The manual leveling was described on the web, and just involved turning one of the threaded rods that moves the print head up and down.

Good working volume, no issues with feeding filament, very good accuracy. The bed heats quickly, and it's fairly fast. The self-leveling feature is very useful. There are a lot of videos on YouTube showing things you can do to enhance the machine if you are so inclined, and lots of stuff on sites like Thingiverse to print. You can also use the included software, or other CAD/CAM programs, like Fusion360, to make your own models.

Christian Orona on 02/03/2016
7 reviews

Ok so I have been using it for the past 5 days, the quality of the prints is amazing even in medium quality, you can hardly see the layers, so obviously when you use high quality they are almost invisible.

The printer is stable, very good build quality and the software is very easy to use, although it is limited and sometimes slow.

The new spool holder still sucks, so I highly suggest to print a different one.

This is my first printer and I really liked it and recommend it.

If I had to say something negative would be the load/change filament process, it is very tricky to get it right, and I actually clogged the extruder while doing it(very easy to fix).

The support team is amazing, they are very friendly and they reply really fast.

Im very happy with it.

Joshua D Gregory on 29/02/2016
7 reviews
My only beef is that this printer CANNOT print flexible filaments out of the box. No matter how much I adjusted speed or temperature settings at the end of the day the gap between the stepper motor and hot end is too large. I've found a couple solutions on the forums but all require modification of the printer.
Tam Nhan on 23/02/2016
7 reviews
Bought this as a gift for my Grandson, so I can't speak from first--hand experience. I can say that he loves it and has told me that it's very well made and performs great.