I ordered the printer 4 months ago and I am not actually very impressed with the printer since the day it arrived. It was ready to use straight out of the box. The printer is made of good quality material and is sturdy enough for a long lasting use, but few issues here and there makes it weak and I find changing the filament difficult and I am not able to fix it properly in the single go. I really have to struggle hard to fix it right.



The printer is very useful and is not complicated. Some of the features like self-leveling make operating the printer easier. The printing temperature and speed can be operated while printing and can be adjusted according to my wish. I do not have to stay limited to a particular speed while printing. I am happy with the printing quality but I feel it could have been better. I already own a 3D printer and its printing quality is a lot better than this one. Recommended!



The printer is the latest one and each feature of this printer is updated. The printer is equipped with the LED lighting and fan which keeps an eye on printing effect all the time and helps in controlling the fan. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP which works well for me as I only use Windows throughout my office systems. I have tested printing both on ABS and PLA and I am happy with the outcomes.

Nir Dobovizki


I have only had this printer for a couple of hours. This is my third 3d printer, the last two were junk, one a kit and the second a makerbot clone. The kit never worked right, the makerbot clone worked for two weeks. This is a fantastic printer, quality of the prints in very nice. It worked as it should straight out of the box. I really wished I got this one before wasting the money on the first two.

Mike B


Amazing machine, especially for the price! Had to do a little manual leveling of the print head supports to get the switches to engage for the self-leveling feature, but other than that, it printed well right out of the box. The manual leveling was described on the web, and just involved turning one of the threaded rods that moves the print head up and down.

Good working volume, no issues with feeding filament, very good accuracy. The bed heats quickly, and it's fairly fast. The self-leveling feature is very useful. There are a lot of videos on YouTube showing things you can do to enhance the machine if you are so inclined, and lots of stuff on sites like Thingiverse to print. You can also use the included software, or other CAD/CAM programs, like Fusion360, to make your own models.