Christian Orona


Ok so I have been using it for the past 5 days, the quality of the prints is amazing even in medium quality, you can hardly see the layers, so obviously when you use high quality they are almost invisible.

The printer is stable, very good build quality and the software is very easy to use, although it is limited and sometimes slow.

The new spool holder still sucks, so I highly suggest to print a different one.

This is my first printer and I really liked it and recommend it.

If I had to say something negative would be the load/change filament process, it is very tricky to get it right, and I actually clogged the extruder while doing it(very easy to fix).

The support team is amazing, they are very friendly and they reply really fast.

Im very happy with it.

Joshua D Gregory


My only beef is that this printer CANNOT print flexible filaments out of the box. No matter how much I adjusted speed or temperature settings at the end of the day the gap between the stepper motor and hot end is too large. I've found a couple solutions on the forums but all require modification of the printer.

Tam Nhan


Bought this as a gift for my Grandson, so I can't speak from first--hand experience. I can say that he loves it and has told me that it's very well made and performs great.



This printer is fantastic! As a general rule I seldom leave feedback, and I know I should be ashamed, and I am, BUT as for this printer I hard to say something. When I received the printer, a day early, I was excited. When I began to open it I found that it had be packaged upside down. I began to feel uneasy. Once I had it unpacked, the setup was a piece of cake (Windows 8.1 & Windows 7). Following the accompanying video, and using the supplied PLA, my first print was a complete success. I have a FlashForge Creator Pro, but the ease of use and the intuitive software used by this machine are quickly making this printer my favorite. Can't wait to experiment with some other materials and advanced settings.

Collin Bell


The design of this printer is terrible. Its like the makers of the printer have never even used a 3d printer before. It takes 10-20 mins alone just to get the extruder out of the machine if it jams. To give some perspective it takes 1 min for me to get the extruder out of my MendleMax3. The absurd amount of work to get at the extruder wouldn't be a problem if the printer didn't jam, but it does. 3D printers have not advanced far enough to prevent jamming. If this company tried using their printer for a week they would realize how crap it is to work around that plastic hood they put around the machine for the sake of aesthetics.