A. A. Hazmi


I was initially skeptical to buy this printer due to the polarized reviews that it got. However, I was simply looking for a 3D printer for recreational use, and so decided to bite the bullet and purchase this printer. Nearly 1 month in, I am so glad I did! It was incredibly quick and easy to take out of the box. I would recommend supplementing the quick start guide with the user manual from the manufacturer's website to make setup as easy as possible. I would also recommend watching the video included at the end of the picture selection included on this page.

The software is downloaded from the manufacturer's website and is very straightforward to use. The hardest part was setting the nozzle height, and even that was straight forward if you followed the user manual and watched the video. I was printing my first part within 30 minutes. The printer also came with a very nice little tool set that is useful both for removing printed parts from the perforated cell board and tweaking printed parts when they come off the board.

I knocked off a star for 2 reasons: 1) I initially encountered an issue with my first printed part that I have since attributed to a loose connection on the power supply. The printer just stopped and gave an error. However, I noticed that the power supply's blue glowing light was no longer lit and when I went to adjust the connection to the power supply, I found it was loose and lit back up again once properly seated. It happened on two other occasions, so I have taken to keeping away from the power supply and connections during printing. I have not had any problems since. 2) Because the cell board is perforated, the plastic gets stuck in the small holes and it is difficult to remove. I have taken to scraping the larger chunks of plastic off the board and leaving the plastic that is stuck in the holes. I have printed additional parts on the boards like this and have not had any problems.

I am really surprised to hear how many problems other people have had. In my opinion this printer was a fantastic buy. I recommend it for anyone looking to get into 3D printing for recreational use.

D. Hofstetter


This was my first 3d printer and i like it alot. It was super easy to get the hang of and start making things. The quality is not the best but what can you expect from a mini 3d printer.

The calibration is a little tough to get the hang of and my platform is NEVER level. So i had to do some tricky adjustments. From time to time some prints get messed up.

I learned how to make them better by preheating the cell board with a hair dryer and spraying a thin coat of hairspray on it to help the raft stick to the cell board.

Keep checking on your prints if they are long ones and hope for the best!



I cannot say enough good things about this printer.

I have been using this for the last few months making production parts for a small startup. It is incredibly reliable and I consistently print for 10+ Hrs between bed swaps and run two of these batches daily.

The perf-board beds make all the difference. They require no maintenance and are easy to remove parts from. You get 3 and this allows for rapid swaps. The printer software even has a "print again" command that simply repeats the print. You need a computer to do send the command, but you dont have to re-send the file which means less time spent near the printer.

From what I gather this printer works best with ABS. The only negative reviews seem to be with PLA. I dont print in PLA ever, but can imagine problems arising when switching between the two filaments, especially when the perf-board is considered

Ive used a Lulzbot Taz 4.0 and have to say, without this printer I would have thought ABS was impossible to print with. This situation is more of a complete failing of lulzbot with their hot ends (purchased January 2015 and it is incapable of printing in ABS). That printer is over $2k so I was sure it was a failing of the material. If you get the UPmini, say goodbye to wholesale delamination and parts detatching from the bed or preparing the bed in whatever way.

ABS printing IS DANGEROUS in terms of fumes. The enclosure seems to cut down on some of the smell. I added a little carbon scrubber on the top of the machine (See picture) This seems to help a lot in reducing the smell. I still dont print in my home and instead print remotely in a small work trailer with an exhaust fan. Do not use this in a place where people spend a significant amount of time.

Will likely add more details but overall I highly recommend this printer.

Courtney Steuber


It sucks, it broke twice before the 30 day return was up so I returned it! I would not recommend this machine unless you like huge paperweights.



Broke twice within the first month, and then i returned it! it is a value printer