This is the best 3D printer from China!



This is a single extruder printer and you will need to pay extra to get the double extruder upgrade. I would like, if this upgrade could be a part of the standard product.

But, the smart design is what made me go for this 3D printer. It stays well protected from dust and I do not have to clean it daily. Works at a good speed. Nice offering.

Andrew Yarrow


Expensive one, but love it for multi device connectivity.



I did not know that I could use this 3D printer with my mobile phone and PC too! I thought it would only do stand-alone printing, so this came as a nice surprise to me.

I have received a lot of freebies with the printer – A filament stand, USB cable, USB reader, SD card, and more. Delivery was on the dot and the unit came fully assembled. Made me very happy indeed!

Veli Holkeri


This printer has many impressive features that make it a wonderful device in the printing process. But, as per my opinion, there are a few points that to consider. Some reliable actions have to be taken to make it as a more appealing purchase at an economic level.