Ethan Thomson


I bought a Max FDM 3D printer 6 months ago. It started nicely and delivered fine prints. But after 10 days it started troubling. I had contacted tech support, they arrived and removed clogged filament due to which printer got jammed. Then it started working well again.

But, my struggling with this printer didn’t last here. Now, this time, it was more annoying that within only 2 months, the printer needed to upgrade. The software was not supporting any filament to print. Due to which the extruder stuck and the nozzle would not move.  Again, I had to call technical support for the service; they provided me all the instructions and services related to the same.

Now, it’s finally starting to deliver wonderful prints without any hassle. I am hoping for no more troubles ahead. Overall, it is a good printer for precise print quality.

Suggestion: Crosscheck all the software is upgraded and updated before you buy.

Steven John


I can’t express in words about this great invention in the 3D printer hub. This metal-framed robust machine is just an amazing design. It keeps the temperatures stable.

Though it is a little heavy, but I must say it has the great quality to deliver accurate and precise print resolution about 20 microns. It is just WOW! This nifty gadget is suitable for both stand-alone printings as well as for multi-device connection.

That doesn’t restrict me in any way which is again a plus point. Additionally, quick layering of G-code application increases my efficiency of work. At last, I suggest you buy this great machine and it would amaze you for sure!

Daniel Allen


. It got delivered timely. The assembling of this Createbot printer was hell of a task to do. After much exertion it go assembled. The easy operation of this Createbot printer makes it easy for me to deliver work timely. The advanced features of this printer includes temperature control and quick layering. An excellent product!



Bought this Createbot 3d printer online at a decent price. I haven’t faced any issues with this 3D printer till now. It works without any hassle and lets you finish your printing task without taking much time. The prints are précised. The easy to operate feature of this Createbot Max FDM 3D Printer saves a lot of time for me. Will recommend to all those who require large 3D prints

Zi Kang


This Createbot is my first 3D printer. A fully-assembled device which is easy to operate! This provides me a large platform for printing with zero issues.

The fully-enclosed case offers me to control temperature, which creates a perfect model without heating down promptly. The quick-layering feature creates highly efficient printing in very short time. As a novice, it is quite easy to understand all printing procedure through its simplified instruction manual.