Elaine C. King on 03/07/2016
19 reviews
If I describe this printer in one word, then I must say it is a COMPLETE kit that provides amazing outcomes. This is compatible to connect multiple devices like desktop, mobile, etc. and even it is the great stand-alone 3D printer. High quality and high accuracy prints (about 20 microns resolution with 0.02-0.05 mm printing precision) are its USP. This model offers a unique platform for prototyping which is very easy to run. If you are looking for a device that has multi-features with précised framework, then go for this one. This will surely amaze you!!
Veli Holkeri on 05/06/2016
19 reviews

This printer has many impressive features that make it a wonderful device in the printing process. But, as per my opinion, there are a few points that to consider. Some reliable actions have to be taken to make it as a more appealing purchase at an economic level.



Kenneth Teckson on 25/05/2016
19 reviews

Fantastic 3D Printer!

I am an architecture. This printer is a really appreciable device by Createbot. I am so impressed and happy with my buying decision.

  From the installation and assembling to delivering 3D models, everything is as perfect as it should be to justify its functions.

The sturdy metal enclosed frame of this printer looks great. My daily work has become so easy and it is now really a great fun working on my projects.

Andrew Yarrow on 23/05/2016
19 reviews
Expensive one, but love it for multi device connectivity.
Madeleine Luxton on 21/05/2016
19 reviews
An average 3D printer that simply looks extra luxurious because of its touchscreen and nice overall design. The one positive thing going on for this is the high printing precision of around 0.02- 0.05 mm at a nice speed. Would have loved to get this one at a lower price even if I had to do away with the touch screen feature; but nonetheless, a nice one no doubt!