This is a single extruder printer and you will need to pay extra to get the double extruder upgrade. I would like, if this upgrade could be a part of the standard product.

But, the smart design is what made me go for this 3D printer. It stays well protected from dust and I do not have to clean it daily. Works at a good speed. Nice offering.

Zi Kang


This Createbot is my first 3D printer. A fully-assembled device which is easy to operate! This provides me a large platform for printing with zero issues.

The fully-enclosed case offers me to control temperature, which creates a perfect model without heating down promptly. The quick-layering feature creates highly efficient printing in very short time. As a novice, it is quite easy to understand all printing procedure through its simplified instruction manual.



I did not know that I could use this 3D printer with my mobile phone and PC too! I thought it would only do stand-alone printing, so this came as a nice surprise to me.

I have received a lot of freebies with the printer – A filament stand, USB cable, USB reader, SD card, and more. Delivery was on the dot and the unit came fully assembled. Made me very happy indeed!

Elaine C. King


If I describe this printer in one word, then I must say it is a COMPLETE kit that provides amazing outcomes. This is compatible to connect multiple devices like desktop, mobile, etc. and even it is the great stand-alone 3D printer. High quality and high accuracy prints (about 20 microns resolution with 0.02-0.05 mm printing precision) are its USP. This model offers a unique platform for prototyping which is very easy to run. If you are looking for a device that has multi-features with précised framework, then go for this one. This will surely amaze you!!

Veli Holkeri


This printer has many impressive features that make it a wonderful device in the printing process. But, as per my opinion, there are a few points that to consider. Some reliable actions have to be taken to make it as a more appealing purchase at an economic level.