Kit Remmelzwaal


I just love its double guide-bar Z axis! This Creatbot 3D printer comes with a replaceable nozzle. I really needed that feature in my printer since I tend to lose or block my nozzles a lot with material. The design is simply awesome! I don’t have any issue with the price since it was all paid by my institution for my research work.

All in all, a wonderful printer to work on; works with almost all filament materials out there!

Ofelia Cattaneo


Too pricey!

The product in itself is not bad, but I was expecting more from this printer with this hefty price tag! Besides its heated bed and direct drive extruder, I did not find anything ‘special’ in this printer!  Moreover, Creatbot only provides a 6 month warranty on this expensive equipment! What, you don’t trust your ‘posh’ machines for more than that??

Sergio G.


A high- quality printer! I was dicey about ordering a 3D printer online but this machine surprised me. It is perfect and works really well. I assembled it within few hours with the help of the manual and faced no issue. It is very easy to assemble and a perfect choice for newbies. I just face an issue that is the filament got clogged twice and the printer got jammed too. But apart from that the printer offers high quality print outs and its nozzle can be replaced too. Recommended!



I ordered the printer to work on a very important project. But things really got messed up. The printer arrived very late and in a very poor condition. Thankfully, nothing was missing. I immediately started assembling the printer. When I was through with the assembling part I realized that the printer has turned in to a heavy machine due to the full metal frame. I wanted something portable but this printer is impossible to move. When I tried printing the extruder got badly stuck and nozzle was unable to move. I took professional help and got it fixed.



I am in 3D printing industry since a decade. Used variety of printers in the past. Unlike other 3D printers, this Max FDM 3D Printer by Createbot provides excellent prints with precision at an amazing speed. It was easy to install. So far, it’s working amazingly since past 8 months. Great product at an affordable price. The easy operation of this device saves a lot of time.