Kenneth Teckson


Fantastic 3D Printer!

I am an architecture. This printer is a really appreciable device by Createbot. I am so impressed and happy with my buying decision.

  From the installation and assembling to delivering 3D models, everything is as perfect as it should be to justify its functions.

The sturdy metal enclosed frame of this printer looks great. My daily work has become so easy and it is now really a great fun working on my projects.

Andrew Yarrow


Expensive one, but love it for multi device connectivity.

Madeleine Luxton


An average 3D printer that simply looks extra luxurious because of its touchscreen and nice overall design. The one positive thing going on for this is the high printing precision of around 0.02- 0.05 mm at a nice speed. Would have loved to get this one at a lower price even if I had to do away with the touch screen feature; but nonetheless, a nice one no doubt!

Ethan Thomson


I bought a Max FDM 3D printer 6 months ago. It started nicely and delivered fine prints. But after 10 days it started troubling. I had contacted tech support, they arrived and removed clogged filament due to which printer got jammed. Then it started working well again.

But, my struggling with this printer didn’t last here. Now, this time, it was more annoying that within only 2 months, the printer needed to upgrade. The software was not supporting any filament to print. Due to which the extruder stuck and the nozzle would not move.  Again, I had to call technical support for the service; they provided me all the instructions and services related to the same.

Now, it’s finally starting to deliver wonderful prints without any hassle. I am hoping for no more troubles ahead. Overall, it is a good printer for precise print quality.

Suggestion: Crosscheck all the software is upgraded and updated before you buy.

Kit Remmelzwaal


I just love its double guide-bar Z axis! This Creatbot 3D printer comes with a replaceable nozzle. I really needed that feature in my printer since I tend to lose or block my nozzles a lot with material. The design is simply awesome! I don’t have any issue with the price since it was all paid by my institution for my research work.

All in all, a wonderful printer to work on; works with almost all filament materials out there!