Georgia Nestles


My 3D printing experience with Geeetech Prusa I3 A pro 3D printer DIY kit was fine. It took me a little to assemble it but once it started it was all good. The functioning was smooth and no power supply issues surfaced while using it. It comes at an expensive market price but it is alright for the quality of prints it supplies. The printing speed is low according to my expectations but I am quite satisfied with the quality and precision of prints supplied.

Andrew Cook


One of the best 3d printer kits I have seen, I have assembled a lot of prusa i3 in the last six months as we had to order a few for our school students. This was by far the easiest of them to work with. It’s a complete printer that has a heated bed, LCD display and decent print volume. I would recommend this to everyone who want to get an easy to assemble kit.

Noah John


I received the kit in 6 business days after I had placed the order. This was much faster than expected as I only paid for standard shipping. It was packed well and there were no broken or missing parts. This printer is a great value for anyone looking for an entry level 3D printer it can print ABS, PLA I have also tried wood and iron fill filaments and those worked as well. The only issue I have is that the printer is slower than any other printer I have seen in operation, is it just me or others experiencing the same issue?



I am very new to 3d Printing and bought the Geeertechbecause everyone claims they are easy to assemble and use.

When I purchased the printer the electronic board was not working and it never powered up, so I called the customer support and they replaced the board in 4 days.

Everything has been working perfectly ever since. This printer was easier and quicker to get setup and running than a paper printer you'd buy at a store.

Nick Wisconsin


As a professional in the area of 3D printing, I can surely say that the Prusa Kits have unmatchable efficiency and excellent print delivery. Geeetech Prusa I3 A pro 3D printer DIY kit is by far the best kit that I have bought so far. This 3D print kit is robust and easy to assemble.

The high precision machine parts and well framed mounting holes make the installation process easy and quick.

Its time saving, delivers amazing prints that too at great speed.