Alex Nimbies on 18/04/2016
27 reviews

Amazing printing speed, great prints and an upgraded extruder. This 3D printing kit is an out of the box 3D printing solution. I bought Geeetech Prusa I3 A pro 3D printer DIY kit on my friend’s suggestion who has been in the prototyping business from past 10 years. 

Being a professional, I was quite apprehensive in the beginning but I am happy that I took a right decision to invest my money upon it.

It has seriously helped me in carrying out my project, the way I wanted. I had an amazing 3D printing experience. 

Edgar Burn on 15/04/2016
27 reviews

I tried this Prusa i3 printer one for a couple of reasons. One, my best friend suggested to me who was greatly impressed by its quality. Second, it comes with a great price value. Third, I was looking for a multiple support printer which could work with a range of printing materials.

And this printer ranked high in all of the aspects. It came to me with well-designed parts. The assembly was super easy and I had the prints printing in no time. Indeed a great machine!

Mark Webb on 07/04/2016
27 reviews

Geeetech Prusa I3 A pro 3D printer DIY kit is a pretty fair printing device. It is easy to set up and not too complicated to understand. Even an amateur can easily use it (I was too when I bought the device).

Though, you may have to compromise with the accuracy of the prints. The 3-in-1 3D printer control box is a good addition as it helps eliminating unnecessary power related dangers.

This 3D printer might not be a good choice for professionals as I think they expect more accurate prints on a good speed.

Ashok Garg on 23/03/2016
27 reviews

I knew 3D printing would be awesome if I got the right printer for a beginner. This was the right printer for me.

I have friends that have other DIY 3D printers that need continuous leveling to use and it is a royal pain in the butt! This printer is certainty not that hard to calibrate.

It looks like a stable kit with high precision material used. I would definitely give this printer a 5 star if they could sort out the assembly manual and remake it.

Mattie Zhang on 10/03/2016
27 reviews

Highly Stable Machine. Delivery was quite fast. It was shipped to northern Europe in just under a week. Beware though that there may be a customs fee added on top of the purchase price (it was for me).

I payed about 20% surcharge on top of the purchase price due to customs fees. The assembly of the printer took about four evenings of work. The assembly manual is not especially good, there are many areas where you need to make assumptions and hope that it was correct. With a technical background the assembly shouldn't be too difficult.

The accuracy of the plastic frame is good, the pieces fit together nicely. The metal rods on the other hand varies a bit in length which can be a bit annoying when assembling the machine.

The initial setup of the machine is not really mentioned at all in the manual apart from leveling the bed. The operation of the printer is good. Right after assembly I printed several small test objects (after leveling the bed of course) and it worked fine.