Oscar Fehon


I ordered this Geeetech Prusa I3 last month for the increasing demand of my 3D aerospace designs. I must say this is the only printer I experienced so far that has been satisfied me to some extent. The best part about this printer that it comprises with 3-in-1 control box which deters all dangers related to power supply.

This control box contains a power supply, motherboard and LCD panel. All the parts of this printer are visible that makes it very convenient for troubleshooting. Amazing built for novices to understand the detailed 3D printing process! It is an ideal 3D printing kit!

Jett Boyland


Yesterday, I got my order. The box was shipped in very bad condition. When I opened it to check all the tools and spares of the kit, then there were some missing substantial tools. Many of the parts were damaged too. On the spot, I phoned the customer support. They asked me not to worry as they will replace my order in the coming 3-4 business days. Now, I am waiting for the replacement 3D printer and I hope this time the printer and its parts will arrive in good condition without any other issues. Finger Crossed!!

Grace Colman


Geeetech Prusa i3 is easy to assemble and comprehend. The 3-in-1 3D printer control box including LCD panel, motherboard and power supply is a significant modification that brings organized desktop.

Due to its comprehensive model, it is fair enough easy to assemble and calibrate. I am quite satisfied with its design and high-quality printing results. It is a great printer without any fuss and frets!!

Eric Gibson


Geeetech pro DIY kit is a well streamlined 3D printer in the printing arena. The troubleshooting process is very convenient and easy to do. The printer is designed with high-précised parts which make its installation unified and faster. It is a complete time-saving machine which only needs to assemble its aluminum frame and nuts as it is designed with assembled control box in it. Easy to assemble and debugging with the help of its detailed manual instructions. I recommend this amazing invention of Geeetech to my colleagues and those who love printing 3D models. Enjoy printing!

Harry Butler


After the ton of research work, I finally ordered this amazing printer last 3 months back. Its construction is pretty easy and comprehensible to set up. It has modified feature – 3-in-1 3D control box featuring power supply, LCD panel, and motherboard. This is a brilliant addition to this printer. It saves not even spacing area, but also eradicates unnecessary power dangers. Overall, I loved working on this printer with all its upgraded features deliver more accurate prints on a good printing speed.