Bruno Gallo on 09/03/2016
27 reviews

Its a Good printer. If you don’t have the patience or don’t like to build things and tweaked them around? Then this one is certainly not for you. I liked building this printer because now I know how to trouble shoot the errors that I might get in the long run.

When I received the printer I had some missing xbeam nuts and the belt material was too short for both x and y axis. As soon as I discovered issues I ordered parts. And Geeetech was pretty quick in sending them to me.

The printer control box is a nice addition to the printer as it saves a lot of printer weight and the printer looks leaner. The company claims that the printer is upgrade ready, which I really haven’t tried but if its true then its would be amazing to get additions for the printer.

Rachel Chow on 05/03/2016
27 reviews

The best i3 so far. All metal. Great price. Works well. The new one puts the control and ps in an enclosure, might save some time in the assembly. Minor problems: Some re-tapping was necessary because of the anodizing. have some metric taps on hand.

The tolerances were terrible on the black metal bits that hold the rods, which hold printhead going side to side. Partially it was the powder coat and partially it was the metal. So expect to Rheem out 8 holes for the rods. You could also use a sharp drill bit on its side.

The worst problem is the couplers from the Twin stepper Motors to the metric lead screw. when I say lead screw it's more like metric ready rod :-). you must shim the lead screw so it centers in the coupler.

Otherwise the lead screw will move side to side too much when your printhead is low. this can lead to motor jamming and missing steps. it would be nice if those couplers were tapped on the top.

Ralph on 02/03/2016
27 reviews

This is one of the best Prusa kits you could buy!

This kit is very robust and easy to assemble. You can tell a lot of thought has gone into the design of this printer; there are many clever little details in the design. The instructions are far better when compared to other Chinese manufacturers.

Jennifer Knights on 26/02/2016
27 reviews

I have only one word for this 3D printer- Brilliant!!!

It’s easy to assemble and quite simple in its functioning. The best part about this 3D printer is its upgraded extruder and reserved design that allows you to upgrade any of its part in the future.

The best thing that I liked about this 3D printer is its 3-in-1 3D control box that immediately eliminates unnecessary dangers in case of power fluctuations.

The printing speed is unmatched and prints supplied are exact replica of the original material.    

Noah John on 07/02/2016
27 reviews
I received the kit in 6 business days after I had placed the order. This was much faster than expected as I only paid for standard shipping. It was packed well and there were no broken or missing parts. This printer is a great value for anyone looking for an entry level 3D printer it can print ABS, PLA I have also tried wood and iron fill filaments and those worked as well. The only issue I have is that the printer is slower than any other printer I have seen in operation, is it just me or others experiencing the same issue?