Harry Butler


After the ton of research work, I finally ordered this amazing printer last 3 months back. Its construction is pretty easy and comprehensible to set up. It has modified feature – 3-in-1 3D control box featuring power supply, LCD panel, and motherboard. This is a brilliant addition to this printer. It saves not even spacing area, but also eradicates unnecessary power dangers. Overall, I loved working on this printer with all its upgraded features deliver more accurate prints on a good printing speed.

Andrea Clark


This Prusa I3 is a quite good printing device. But, not for a novice at all! I have received my product with some missing substantial parts. Also, I faced some issues in printer’s heating bed which was not working on its control board. With the help of tutorials, I have deciphered the woes & issues. I ordered those parts and complaint about the heating bed. They respond me quickly and the technician arrived in next 2-3 working days. After all the configurations, it has been calibrated correctly and started working well.

Joseph P Haroldsen


This printer needs constant calibration for consistent prints!!  Geeetech Prusa I3 kit is a bit complicated printing device. The print accuracy is sub-par. It is actually very slow. It does not have a large build volume.

Not a good choice for professionals!

Robert Waida


My best friend advised me to purchase this printer. I must say the quality of prints is impressive. I also enjoyed using both PLA and ABS. At such low price, it is indeed a great machine. It came to me with well-designed parts. The assembling was super easy.


Sophie Chen


Enthralled with Prusa!!!!!

I love this printer. The calibration was very easy. I can easily work on my Mac!

The print speed is indeed up to 100 mm/sec. The build-up volume is cool. The aluminum chassis body is very eye-catching and this printer is lightweight. I don’t have second thoughts about this product!

One Liner: VALUE FOR MONEY! And 5 stars!