akihiro nakazato


It was necessary to remove the bottom lid and to set power-supply to 100V. There was forgetting to tighten the screw in the filament feeder. Besides, there is no problem.



I have no complaints with the printer. It offers excellent print quality and it is so easy to take the print outs. They are precise and their quality cannot be matched. The Mid-level build volume allows me to print any object in any size without compromising with its quality. Due to high speed printing part customization is now possible within minutes and apart from this there are many other options available which make printing easy and time saving. I would like to recommend the printer to everyone!



I find Wanhao Duplicator 6 a good and a high quality printer. It is equipped with latest features and high quality parts. The MK11 extruder is the best I have seen till now. The printer is compatible with many open-source software applications which saves a lot of time and makes printing easier. I printed on ABS and HIPS and the results were of high quality but when I printed on nylon I was bit disappointed with the results. So I do not use nylon filament anymore.



Quality does not always mean high price. The printer comes priced very economically still delivers professional quality results.

HD print resolution and fast printing speed. Complete metal outer case is something, which you generally do not get in other 3D printers. I got a filament roll free. Free shipping saved some more bucks.

Fully Recommended!



The printer is very easy to use and operate. I was able to assemble it in 3 hours only by taking manual’s help. It is a high speed printer and I have not experienced such a good printing speed in any of the printers. I am not very impressed with the metal frame as I feel that it is poor quality and the printer will not be able to last for long. I wish if it could have been sturdier. The HD print resolution is the best feature of the printer that I have figured out so far.