Rahim Khan


I chose this printer for its sturdy metal structure.

It has a medium size and I could easily make big printing models easily with this 3D printer. I wish if the printer could weigh less.



Initially I printed simple models only but after sometime I started printing more complex models and the results were outstanding. Seriously, the printer can print the most complex models with great resolution and printing quality. The Open-source software compatibility makes my work very easy and I am very easily able to manage all my work on time without compromising on the quality of the prints. At times I use this printer for more number of hours and I get the same printing speed which is outstanding.



I am a professional and I ordered the printer after reading all the reviews and its specifications. This is one of the best 3D printers I have owned until now and I am so happy that I made this choice. The printer works flawlessly and the best part is that it is very easy to operate. It never disappoints me when it comes to delivering he best quality print outs. I am just bit unhappy with the metal frame as I feel that it is not very sturdy and the quality is also not up to the mark. Recommended!



I would really like to recommend this Wanhao Duplicator 6 3D Printer because it is different from other 3D Printers I have used so far. If I start counting its features, the list will never end. I have never seen such HD print resolution and high-speed printing in any other printer. It has a very good metal framing. It has large print volume and the print has really smooth finish. Great Innovations!

Jay Bryan


I am satisfied with Wanhao Duplicator 6 3D Printer, but I really thought it would be worth buying this printer. In fact, the shipment was late. I thought of returning it but I put that thought away and started assembling it. But I was unable to do so. Still, somehow, I assembled it and was impressed by the quality and speed of printing.