I would really like to recommend this Wanhao Duplicator 6 3D Printer because it is different from other 3D Printers I have used so far. If I start counting its features, the list will never end. I have never seen such HD print resolution and high-speed printing in any other printer. It has a very good metal framing. It has large print volume and the print has really smooth finish. Great Innovations!

Jay Bryan


I am satisfied with Wanhao Duplicator 6 3D Printer, but I really thought it would be worth buying this printer. In fact, the shipment was late. I thought of returning it but I put that thought away and started assembling it. But I was unable to do so. Still, somehow, I assembled it and was impressed by the quality and speed of printing.

Gomes Castro


As a beginner in 3D Printing, I liked this printer a lot. It is so easy to use and the HD quality is really impressive. Also, the MK11 extruder was brilliant. I noticed how less time it takes to give prints of amazing quality. However, I was not satisfied with the metal frame. But,with so many great features, I guess I did the right thing in buying this printer.

Shane Anderson


Wanhao 3D printer is my first 3D printer. I am a learner at 3D printing. It has a good built made of solid metal frame. It is a really impressive device for beginners due to its outstanding features.

Every time I use it and get excellent prints with a high quality layer resolution up to 50 microns. It consumes very less time about 150 mm/sec to get a complete model which is an amazing feature especially for impatient users like me.

It is compatible with various open-source software applications and every print is flawless and smooth finish. I am gratified to purchase this incredible printer.

Thomas Klein


I have been using this remarkable device for 4 months. It has a commendable printing speed through which I can do prototyping within few minutes. It not only counterparts with my job, but also works out of the box! Its software compatibility and functioning are well up to my mark.

I can do designing, slicing and scanning through this printer. It has an amazing MK11 extrude feature that can support various filaments like ABS, HIPS, wood PLA, nylon and stainless steel PLA. It delivers 200 x 200 x 180 mm print size, which is large enough for my work.

I can’t stop appreciating this next generation device with its astounding features and functions. I suggest you buy this printer if you are looking for HD-quality and flawless 3D prints in less time. Visit the 3D Printer online store and buy it without thinking. It is just a great investment.