Frank Harvey on 14/05/2016
22 reviews

Superb Printer at an Economic Price!

My previous 3D printing experience was little bad, therefore I was pretty unsure whether it will match up with my needs or not.

But amazingly, this Wanhao Duplicator 6 printer not just counterparts with my requirements but was out of the box! The best thing about this printer is its HD quality and open-source software compatibility.

This compatibility allows you scanning, design and slicing options. The printing speed is also very commendable. You can use it for part customization too!

Justin Kemp on 13/05/2016
22 reviews

I have worked with so many 3D printers before and I have seen even better than this. It is a good printer for its price but definitely not the best. Being a machinist, I know how stuffs work and how to properly get your work done. But for tech amateurs, this 3D printer could be a little trouble.

The software and the functioning is a bit too complex. But once you get along with it, then the printer works fine. Talking about the print quality- its HD print resolution will amaze you.

The printer has an open-source software compatibility that would help you build great designs with ease. If you can do a little tweaking with the machine stuff, this is an ideal 3D printer for you!  

Bob Parttison on 12/05/2016
22 reviews
This is not my first purchase for a Wanhao 3D printer as well as from 3D Printers Online Store, and as always I am happy with its service. I am using this printer from past few months and haven’t even faced a single choke. Duplicator 6 3D printer has a sturdy metallic frame, sleek body and is durable. The one that I admire a lot about Wanhao printer is its exceptional speed and print quality. I basically use it for prototypes that mirror injection molding. A highly recommended option!
Robert Hook on 09/05/2016
22 reviews


As expected, the Duplicator 6 - Metal Frame 3D Printer from Wanhao is a superb invention in world of 3D printing industry. This smooth machine delivers professional quality prints at a commendable printing speed.

The open-source software compatibility of the Duplicator 6 let me avail benefit of scanning, design and slicing options. With high printing speed I was able to do prototyping as well as part customization in a fraction of time.

Duplicator 6 is not just a fast and easy to use open-source printer but is also among the top printer in Wanhao Top Desktop Fabrication.

Michael Bennetton on 05/05/2016
22 reviews

My purchase for Wanhao Duplicator 6 is reasonable good. Wanhao 3D printer has a quite robust metal frame.

Neither I received the shipment on time and nor the devising of the Duplicator 6 - Metal Frame 3D Printer is as simple and time consuming as stated. I have to look out a number of videos and manuals to assemble it. 

But, I am happy with its professional print quality and capability to print on the complex models. And, also its printing speed is quite good.