I am very disappointed with the poor shipment service. Neither the printer arrived on time nor was it nicely packed when it arrived. Many of the parts were missing and I had to contact the customer care to get the missing parts delivered. They delivered the parts within few days. I am also not very impressed with the open-source software as it is not the updated version and I had to spend extra time in updating it. The printer is cheap but still I will not recommend it as I do not find the printer worth buying.

James Sears


This 3D printer is a quite satisfying printer. It has superb print quality with great color retention. It can compatible for both simple and complex models to print.

Initially, I got irritated while printing my models as it was quite difficult to operate. I am a very meticulous person, so I went through every single tutorial instruction mentioned in the guidebook. Now, I can work speedily and effectively on it. Not least, I got late delivery of my order and also troubled in assembling.

Later, tech support helped me and it was satisfactory.

Fransisca Cuellar


I am a novice at 3D printing and this is my very first 3D printer. Because of its amazing features, I give this printer 5 stars. I have to say that the printer is really impressive. I have a lot of fun working on it.

The print quality is superb, they are smooth and clean. My first ever print with this printer was flawless. It is a fast printer and shows great open-source software compatibility.

I am contented to have bought this!

Thomas Cobbs


We purchased the Wanhao Duplicator two weeks ago for our office work. This 3D printer is quite useful and we could print thousands of items even models as big as an oven toaster with precision.

Our company deals with swift modeling and testing and we need our work to be done faster and all thanks to the high printing speed of this printer, we are able to print huge volumes in lesser time than we used to before. 

The large build area and professional print quality makes it the best for professional needs. Recommended!

Michael Jacob


Wanhao 3D printer is a pretty satisfying printer with solid metal frame. My overall experience with it is reasonably great. Its print quality as well as speed is superb. Every time I use it I get brilliant prints with great color retention.  Initially, I bought it for printing on simple models but now I am using it to print on the complex models.

The thing that irritated lot was my first print. Even though, late delivery of Duplicator 6 3D Printer was still acceptable. I had to continuously ping tech support and customer services for help.