Emma Smith


Afinibot Micro Delta Kit is an amazing 3D printer and I am happy that I invested upon it. The advanced cooling mechanism of this 3D printer commendable. If you are in printing business too then it is a best-suited option for you also. The quality of the prints delivered by Afinibot Micro Delta printer is excellent with an amazing speed.

Shante B. King


I ordered this printer for my husband after rejecting around a dozen 3D printers online. Yes, the build of this printer is bit complicated and an immature may find it difficult to assemble this printer. This is my husband’s first 3D printer and he managed the assembling part well and faced only minor issues. My husband is very happy with the printer as it is giving him outstanding results.

Patrick Stewart


If you are looking for a 3D printer that works efficiently and delivers amazing prints, Afinibot Micro Delta is the one that you should definitely consider. The latest version of auto level extruder that promises to deliver polished prints is one amazingly striking feature about this 3D printer. There is also an advanced cooling fan attached to it, which is specifically added to provide a double air path while the machine is supplying prints. This printer is performance driven, affordable and simply superb!!

Ellen George


One of the easiest 3D printing kits to assemble. The instructions on the packaging box were quite clear. It took me only two hours to build the entire kit. Amazing printing speed and printing accuracy.

The best thing about Afinibot Micro Delta Kit is that it can print almost every type of material including PLA, ABS, nylon, etc. The auto leveling and auto calibration mechanism are also great.

The newly added version of metal extruder is another plus point. Prints delivered are precise and of accurate thickness. Great 3D printing kit.

Mary Jones


Most 3D printers available in the market these days are usually inefficient and give unrefined prints. I was desperately looking for a 3D printer that is high on efficiency and gives brilliant outputs. Afinibot Micro Delta fulfilled all those expectations of mine.

Due the presence of an auto level extruder, this printer is bound to give you polished prints that too on high speed. A spring attached to the extruder makes sure that it bounces back to the position correctly and the prints are exact replica of the original pieces. If you are somebody who loves and respect speed, vouch for this 3D printer.