Rob Jackson


Afinibot Micro Delta Kit is a fair choice for those who want to learn the basics of 3D printing. One of its most prominent features is its auto leveling mechanism that facilitates smooth functioning.

Professionals and those in the area of 3D printing for a long time might find the prints delivered to be less precise but it is definitely a good option for amateurs and students. The printing speed is quite satisfactory. Advanced cooling fan provides a double path for cooling the machine immediately while delivering prints.   

Ethel M


Disappointed! I read the instructions followed them but even then could not get sharp and high quality prints that I expected. I invested in the printer thinking that I will get better and quick prints but I was so wrong. First I had to spend a great amount of time in assembling everything then then in the middle of the process it stopped had to re-do everything. It messed up my work, have to say the previous version was better. The pricing however is modest. Perhaps I was expecting too much.

Amy Fischman


If you are looking for a user-friendly 3D printer which is easy to operate and set up, then we suggest you to go for Afinibot Micro Delta. This 3D printer board comes in different shapes of plugs, utilized to make sure that the user does not connect to the wrong wire and safety is maintained.

This 3D printer redefines itself as a new version of auto level extruder which cool downs instantly after exiting the extruder. This printer is better than other 3D printers available in the market as the user need not wait for the last layer to cool down in order to start off with the next one.     

Sarah Jones


Afinibot Micro Delta Kit is easy to build 3D printing kit. The auto-leveling mechanism shows great functionality. This 3D printing kit is a bit expensive but its high printing speed of 20-100 mm/s compensates for that.

The new version of auto level extruder embedded in it is not good as the previous version. The advanced cooling fan provides a double air path, which is good.

The LCD screen shows clear instructions. It’s a good choice for those in the prototyping and architecture field.



It is one of the easiest printer to assemble, Believe me when I say this because I had to return 2 other kits I ordered before that as I could not manage to get around the assembly instructions.

The Company delivered the kit within 5 days from my order and the kit was very well packed and well labeled. The Assembly instructions were preloaded on the memory card supplied with the printer so I knew what I had to do before unpacking the printer.

The Linear rods are of very good quality, bearings and the pulleys are the best I have seen so far. I fail to understand as to how they managed to supply these at the low prince. Once assembled the printer works well with every kind of filament you throw at it. Remember that filaments from even the same company may have difference in melting temperatures so I would suggest testing filaments before actual use.

The printer comes with an electronic display but it’s too light and unreadable at angles. You have be right in front of it to be able to read the menu items. I am planning to replace them with better display.