The modern features of this advanced printer offer precise and best quality print outs. The auto- leveling mechanism keeps the extruder at right position and I do not need to fix it every time I take a print out. The auto leveling feature also makes a huge contribution in delivering precise and high resolution print outs. But this is not the case when I print larger objects as the print volume is too small. I have printed on both PLA and ABS and the results have been equally good. Impressed!



I cannot believe that this single printer offers so many latest features which offer the best quality prints in the fastest possible time. The auto-leveling mechanism keeps the extruder rightly placed and that is why the print outs are so precise. The printer works flawlessly and the filament cools down in seconds. The whole printing process is very fast and I do not have to wait for long before printing the next model. Both ABS and PLA offers the best quality print outs.

Uthal Badi


This 3D printer has the best combination of features including USB control Interface, specified extruder temperature, ABS material and what not! The latest version (which I bought) delivers finest quality of polished prints. It also features auto leveling and auto calibration mechanism at minimal cost.

The temperature control mechanism enhances its uniqueness. I recommend this to all those who are looking for work efficiency, must buy it ASAP.

Mia Moore


The Afinibot Micro Delta Kit is a superb 3D printer when it comes to printing. The printing speed is also good. The only thing I found irritating about this 3D printer is the assembling of the printer.

The set-up instructions are confusing and it consumes a lot of time. Even setting the connection with the PC is quite confusing. Nevertheless, the prints delivered are of excellent quality and I am satisfied with its performance.



Being a professional I would recommend the printer to everyone. It is the best printer I have ever come across. It is very easy to assemble and operate and all the credit goes to the instructions in the SD card. The instructions are clear and very easy to understand. I printed on PLA and got high quality results at excellent speed but when I printed on ABS the printing speed slowed down. I do not use ABS much so this issue does not bother me. The printer is not very heavy and I am able to carry it around in my office.