Faton Hajredinaj on 04/07/2016
43 reviews

 I must say Micro Delta Kit is the premium choice as a user-friendly 3D printer. It is very easy to operate and calibrate. This printer has the commendable printing speed (20 to 100 mm/sec) with the great resolution about 50 microns. This printer offers amazing models with refined quality.

My clients were impressed with brilliant output designs. I am so glad to buy this incredible device for my work as it increases my efficiency and saves my time a lot. This printer consists of an auto level extruder which avoids clogging of artwork and the delivers an exact replica of the original pieces.

If you are looking for a machine with impeccable prints at high-speed printing then vouch for this amazing 3D printer DIY kit.   

Alan Kennedy on 04/07/2016
43 reviews

The build-up volume is really small! Stops a lot until I reset it!

Every time I attempt to print, it would complete the raft and the first one or two layers of the object, then just halt. Even when it works, the print quality is not up to the par. No matter what filament I am using, the results are same.

I am not satisfied with this printer!

Ian Morton on 29/06/2016
43 reviews

I am a newbie to 3d printing arena, it took time to assemble and get the device do a primary calibration. Its auto-leveling feature helps me to get basic understandings of 3D printing.

The very first print turned me so happy. One more thing I like the most that it cools down fast and continue to print the next layer. The printing process is very prompt and it delivers finest quality prints as what the printer says about on tutorials.

It is a lightweight machine that I can drag it as per my convenience. I recommend 3D online store for those who are looking for genuine smart 3D printer Kit.

Khalid Tubail on 21/06/2016
43 reviews

I vouch for this amazing printer!

The automatic level extruder gives you finished prints that too on high speed. The prints are exact replica of the original pieces. It has full injection-molded parts. The inaccuracies are instantly high-lighted in yellow thus providing excellent flawless prints (Thanks to automatic bed leveling calibration) Shipping was done on time and was delivered in fair package.

Over all, a wonderful deal at such low price! Absolutely worth every penny you spend on it.

Soraya Gouvea on 13/06/2016
43 reviews

I bought an Afinibot 3D printer for my husband last month. He enjoyed working on it. He appreciates its feature of minimizing the errors with full injection molded parts. It delivers fine quality prints with satisfactory printing speed. But, sometimes the printer hangs and it decreases my husband’s efficiency in productive work.

Although, the tech support have responded our complaint promptly and promised to arrive in the next few days. Hope, the issue gets resolved fast and my husband will be able to do work proficiently on this printer!