Amy Perkins


Cheesed-off! I purchased the pulley version of this kit and must admit that the printer is not up to the par. I had higher expectations from Afinibot. Printing on ABS for longer duration causes the printer to slow down, thus consuming a lot of time and eventually collapsing. Working on PLA is fine though. If there is one thing I don’t like about online purchasing, it is the fact that you can’t figure out the size correctly. That is what has happened with me. The print volume of Afinibot is not big, thus the bandwidth in terms of printing objects has minimized to a great extent. Other than that, the printer is good to go.Amy Perkins



Outstanding printer! I already own a 3D printer but I have never owned such an amazing printer. The latest extruder and hotend are the highlights of this printer. It offers the best performance and the outcomes are really amazing. My wife who is a teacher also uses the printer to print objects for her kids and she wants a personal printer for her too. I am going to order the same printer for her and will gift her on her birthday. She will be really happy.



I got the printer as a gift from my father on my birthday. I love it and it helps me a lot in my college DIY projects. It delivers accurate print outs which are of high resolution and I am getting good grades too. I assembled it on my own as my father wanted to get familiar with the machine and it worked. Yes, the printer gets hanged at times and I have to stop for a while before again processing with the printer but still the printer works great. I am soon going to do something to fix this problem.



Being an unprofessional, the worst part about owning the printer is that it is very complicated. Everything from assembling to understanding how the printer works takes a lot of time. When I started assembling the printer I got confused, manual was also of no help as it is very complex. Online videos also didn’t help much. I contacted the customer care and somehow I figured a way to assemble it. It took me 2 long days to finally complete the assembling process. Not recommended if you are not a professional.



The printer is a perfect option for you if you want to take out the maximum print outs in less time because the printer cools down instantly and gets ready for the next print out immediately. It saves a lot of my time and I am able to deliver more than expected. My clients are very happy with the work as they get the best quality prints on time. I am planning to add 2 more similar printers to my office so that I can expand my work. Happy!