Jess Webber


The Afinibot Delta Kit is a smart 3D printer with full injection molded parts minimizing the errors in print delivering fine quality. As a beginner, I enjoyed working on it. The printing speed is also satisfactory, however, there is one drawback! It hangs a lot which decreases my efficiency. My friend still works on the previous version and is content with its performance.

Lamonica D. Walko


This 3D printer is the best choice for you if you are looking for a user- friendly 3D printer which is very easy to operate and set up. The printer comes with latest in extruder and hotend technology. The printer offers great printing speed…was rather impressed considering the reasonable pricing. My clients are also happy with the prints I have been delivering over the last few weeks. This printer is my perfect companion. Seriously contemplating for my wife too who runs a boutique chocolate store and often needs high quality printouts.

Mia Moore


The Afinibot Micro Delta Kit is a superb 3D printer when it comes to printing. The printing speed is also good. The only thing I found irritating about this 3D printer is the assembling of the printer.

The set-up instructions are confusing and it consumes a lot of time. Even setting the connection with the PC is quite confusing. Nevertheless, the prints delivered are of excellent quality and I am satisfied with its performance.

Jason Beth


If you are planning to venture in the field of 3D printing then I highly recommend you to have Afinibot Micro Delta Kit. I was doubtful about so many things in the beginning but some simple instructions mentioned on the packaging box made it easy for me to make it on my own. The prints are delivered at great speed. It has a great printing area that supplies precised prints with accurate thickness. As a beginner in this particular field, this printer has helped me a lot. I got a great 3D printing experience.

Emma Smith


Afinibot Micro Delta Kit is an amazing 3D printer and I am happy that I invested upon it. The advanced cooling mechanism of this 3D printer commendable. If you are in printing business too then it is a best-suited option for you also. The quality of the prints delivered by Afinibot Micro Delta printer is excellent with an amazing speed.