The printer is a perfect option for you if you want to take out the maximum print outs in less time because the printer cools down instantly and gets ready for the next print out immediately. It saves a lot of my time and I am able to deliver more than expected. My clients are very happy with the work as they get the best quality prints on time. I am planning to add 2 more similar printers to my office so that I can expand my work. Happy!



One of my friends told me that it is a lightweight printer and that is why I ordered it. But the printer arrived very late and I called the customer care three times to confirm about the delivery. I got very angry at that time but when I printer arrived I realized that it was worth waiting. I immediately assembled it as I did my own research before the arrival. The printing quality is very good and the printer does not heat up very easily and maintains its temperature. I am able to carry the printer to my office and then back to my house. Recommended!

Anita G. Baxter


Being a newbie, the worst part about owning this printer is that it is a very complicated machine. When I started assembling the printer I got so confused that I ended up messing things up. The instructions in the manual are not very clear and that is why I got stuck at various places. It took me a lot of time to assemble the printer and I took the help of customer care too. After that when I started working on the printer I realized that it is equally confusing to operate the printer too. It took me so many days to understand the printer completely. I am so disappointed!



This is the most reliable and worth investing machine. It is well-designed and offers brilliant functions to deliver flawless 3D prints. This is comprised with advanced extruder featuring free upgrade to flare nut and easy to adjust fixture tightness. The high-resolution layer accuracy provides HD-quality prints which are meticulously the same replica of the real object. This makes my architectural prints more précised and highly impressive! I will definitely recommend to my architectural team for this remarkable device.




Fair choice as a DIY 3D printer! Cost-efficacy built!