This Afinibot Delta kit is a nice 3D printer. Only one thing which troubles me that it’s built is little complicated – hard to operate especially for a novice. The instructions were not comprehensive enough to follow – took almost 10 hours of toil to assemble it. Rather than that, it performs efficiently and exquisitely. Fairly satisfied!



It is a good printer and worthy of 4 stars. I am taking one star from this auto-leveled Afinibot because of their poor customer service (took 10 days to deliver the machine.)

If you are somebody who loves and respect speed, vouch for this 3D printer.

Afinibot Micro Delta Kit - Auto leveling - Pull


Value for money!

Being a product engineer, I was desperately looking for a 3D printer that could deliver brilliant outputs. Afinibot Micro Delta fulfilled all my expectations. I received the kit very fast, and it was well packaged. The kit includes everything you need to build the Afinibot. I must also appreciate their customer service. They are very knowledgeable and helpful, even when given vague descriptions of problem. The Printer, once assembled and set, does a very good job! It is a top quality 3D printing without spending so much on the machine and you're not stuck using some company filament cartridges.

In simple words: Smooth, Accurate, Sturdy and Quick! 5 Stars all the way!

Faton Hajredinaj


 I must say Micro Delta Kit is the premium choice as a user-friendly 3D printer. It is very easy to operate and calibrate. This printer has the commendable printing speed (20 to 100 mm/sec) with the great resolution about 50 microns. This printer offers amazing models with refined quality.

My clients were impressed with brilliant output designs. I am so glad to buy this incredible device for my work as it increases my efficiency and saves my time a lot. This printer consists of an auto level extruder which avoids clogging of artwork and the delivers an exact replica of the original pieces.

If you are looking for a machine with impeccable prints at high-speed printing then vouch for this amazing 3D printer DIY kit.   

Alan Kennedy


The build-up volume is really small! Stops a lot until I reset it!

Every time I attempt to print, it would complete the raft and the first one or two layers of the object, then just halt. Even when it works, the print quality is not up to the par. No matter what filament I am using, the results are same.

I am not satisfied with this printer!