Emma Lawrence


I am seriously impressed by Micro Delta 3D Printer Kit for making the 3D printing experience so amazing for me. This printer embeds the newest version of auto level extruder that cools down instantly after exiting the extruder. The prints delivered are quite satisfactory and delivered with fast speed.

I was working on a project that required serious 3D printing work and this kit made it so easy for me. I highly recommend this set of printer, if you wish to explore the world of 3D printing.    

Michael Harrington


Afinibot Micro Delta is a well-designed and reliable 3D printer, which is worth investing upon. The most striking feature of this 3D printer is its advanced cooling fan that facilitates a double air path to cool down instantly after exiting from the extruder. The built of this printer is quite complicated and an amateur may find it a bit difficult to operate. However, it is best suited for experts who deal and experiment with 3D printing on a daily basis.



It is one of the easiest printer to assemble, Believe me when I say this because I had to return 2 other kits I ordered before that as I could not manage to get around the assembly instructions.

The Company delivered the kit within 5 days from my order and the kit was very well packed and well labeled. The Assembly instructions were preloaded on the memory card supplied with the printer so I knew what I had to do before unpacking the printer.

The Linear rods are of very good quality, bearings and the pulleys are the best I have seen so far. I fail to understand as to how they managed to supply these at the low prince. Once assembled the printer works well with every kind of filament you throw at it. Remember that filaments from even the same company may have difference in melting temperatures so I would suggest testing filaments before actual use.

The printer comes with an electronic display but it’s too light and unreadable at angles. You have be right in front of it to be able to read the menu items. I am planning to replace them with better display.



This printer is my first foray into 3D printing and I am seriously impressed. My kids gave it to me for Christmas and on sale, they got it for right around $350 - excellent considering it consist all the parts to make this amazing delta printer.

The Kossel Rostock 3D Printer, has all the high grade material one can ask for, the fittings are all injection molded, The assembly video is very easy to understand. The Printer board has nice color coding which prevents wrong wiring and mistaken burnouts. I was able to build my printer within a day and it works like a professional unit. The printer bed calibration needs some more time but once the initial leveling is done the rest can be taken care by the onboard bed leveling probe.

The Printer was able to print with PLA with ease; ABS needed a few tinkering with the temperature control.

The software supplied with the printer (Cura) works on most Desktop OS and is simple to work with. I am more than happy with this gift and would definitely rate it as one of the best gifts ever received.

Shante B. King


I ordered this printer for my husband after rejecting around a dozen 3D printers online. Yes, the build of this printer is bit complicated and an immature may find it difficult to assemble this printer. This is my husband’s first 3D printer and he managed the assembling part well and faced only minor issues. My husband is very happy with the printer as it is giving him outstanding results.