Amy Fischman on 25/02/2016
43 reviews

If you are looking for a user-friendly 3D printer which is easy to operate and set up, then we suggest you to go for Afinibot Micro Delta. This 3D printer board comes in different shapes of plugs, utilized to make sure that the user does not connect to the wrong wire and safety is maintained.

This 3D printer redefines itself as a new version of auto level extruder which cool downs instantly after exiting the extruder. This printer is better than other 3D printers available in the market as the user need not wait for the last layer to cool down in order to start off with the next one.     

Rob on 22/02/2016
43 reviews

This printer is for newbies who want to learn the ins and outs of printing. It is actually a rebranded Rockstock Delta printer but its far cheaper than the original one.

The good thing is that it has a fairly large support community which can help whenever you are stuck with something. I had issues with the time it took to heat and get the printer ready for printing.

There were times when printer just did not want to heat the bed and said heating error on the display. Called the customer support and they guided me with the instructions to get it working again but now the printer cannot keep constant temperature on extruder while printing.

I am currently taking help from the online community and there seems to be many who are getting the same issue.

Sarah Jones on 17/02/2016
43 reviews

Afinibot Micro Delta Kit is easy to build 3D printing kit. The auto-leveling mechanism shows great functionality. This 3D printing kit is a bit expensive but its high printing speed of 20-100 mm/s compensates for that.

The new version of auto level extruder embedded in it is not good as the previous version. The advanced cooling fan provides a double air path, which is good.

The LCD screen shows clear instructions. It’s a good choice for those in the prototyping and architecture field.

Elizabeth on 12/02/2016
43 reviews

Pros: The quality of the printed page is good to excellent.

Cons: It takes forever to set up correctly.
The instructions are very poor.
Setting up a connection with the printer and the computer is confusing at best.

Moreover: this is a printer and that is what it does, once you get it to do just that. You cannot do any drawing. This is not an auto cad program. I write that because some may want that in their printer.

It all depends on what you want. For a 3D printer, the price is good, But know that it is not a seamless endeavor.

Ellen George on 21/01/2016
43 reviews

One of the easiest 3D printing kits to assemble. The instructions on the packaging box were quite clear. It took me only two hours to build the entire kit. Amazing printing speed and printing accuracy.

The best thing about Afinibot Micro Delta Kit is that it can print almost every type of material including PLA, ABS, nylon, etc. The auto leveling and auto calibration mechanism are also great.

The newly added version of metal extruder is another plus point. Prints delivered are precise and of accurate thickness. Great 3D printing kit.