Soraya Gouvea


I bought an Afinibot 3D printer for my husband last month. He enjoyed working on it. He appreciates its feature of minimizing the errors with full injection molded parts. It delivers fine quality prints with satisfactory printing speed. But, sometimes the printer hangs and it decreases my husband’s efficiency in productive work.

Although, the tech support have responded our complaint promptly and promised to arrive in the next few days. Hope, the issue gets resolved fast and my husband will be able to do work proficiently on this printer!

Mihai Tarasi


It's my first printer ever. The kit was easy to build, really easy to use but calibration is a little bit complicated. For beginners like me, it's a really good choice, cheap and really instructive!

Joseph R. Surber


Just used my 3D printer for the first time and I loved it very much. I would suggest everyone to go for it as it has so much to offer at affordable prices. This 3D Printer consists of redesigned extruder which cools down instantly.

This user-friendly product provides plugs in different shapes to ensure easy assembling of device and safety. Overall, it is an outstanding product and a must-have at home and office!

Olivia Johnson


I ordered this kit last month and it was delivered in 4 days. It was securely packed. Easy to assemble, the Afinibot Micro Delta printer comes with simple follow up instructions.

The bearings and pulleys of this well designed printer are of superior quality. The printer works very well post assembling.

The print quality is superb. It features an LCD screen displays clear instructions. It has high printing speed and is functional to the core.

Jess Webber


The Afinibot Delta Kit is a smart 3D printer with full injection molded parts minimizing the errors in print delivering fine quality. As a beginner, I enjoyed working on it. The printing speed is also satisfactory, however, there is one drawback! It hangs a lot which decreases my efficiency. My friend still works on the previous version and is content with its performance.