George Vermesi


It took some time to get it, needed a replacement board. Once the printer is well calibrated makes nice prints. Some comments about the design, the Y axis guide rods are shear cut to length which creates inaccurate alignment. Would suggest to check it before installing it, and if necessary grind or file a chamfer. The Z axis travel is only 204mm. If you like to spend time with it and improve it, this is the machine will do it. For me worked out.



Aluminium extrusion frame, linear rods & bearings, dual z-motors, quality v5 clone hotend, MK3 heated bed, MKS Gen_l board, 20A PSU, detailed manual, Skype support. Tune the extruder steps, print a cooling duct, and you've got a solid machine that can produce quality prints with PLA, PETG, and ABS. Increase max build height in firmware and you can go to around 250mm, 280mm with longer lead-screws. Replace the supplied power cable (no ground) with a 3-prong for safety. It comes with square nuts, which work, but use t-nuts for a more solid build. I also recommend using washers for all bolts. Thermal protection enabled for the hotend, but disabled for the bed. Enabling it works fine up to round 80 degrees, I did have to increase the WATCH_BED_TEMP_PERIOD in order to reach 100. No issues with PID settings, though autotune did show they needed some adjustment. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for the best bang for the buck DIY kit at this size or price point.



I have 2 printers from Flsun, one cartesian i3 Prusa MK2 and one delta Kossel. The assembling is not easy, but I succeed. I had several minor problems. Several file names in the SD card are in Chinese alphabet, and I did not succeed to copy them to the computer. The mainboard of i3 Prusa did not read SD card. I'm very thankful to support from FlSun, they sent me one spare display and one spare mainboard. Completely free of charge, without any transportation costs for me. Now everything works well. The product is good according to it's price. The major advance is the open source of the firmware. It would be great to have photos of the whole machine in the assembling manual.

Jacob Martin


probably best printer for the money.

Leu Ronny


sehr schnelle lieferung. super