I have 2 printers from Flsun, one cartesian i3 Prusa MK2 and one delta Kossel. The assembling is not easy, but I succeed. I had several minor problems. Several file names in the SD card are in Chinese alphabet, and I did not succeed to copy them to the computer. The mainboard of i3 Prusa did not read SD card. I'm very thankful to support from FlSun, they sent me one spare display and one spare mainboard. Completely free of charge, without any transportation costs for me. Now everything works well. The product is good according to it's price. The major advance is the open source of the firmware. It would be great to have photos of the whole machine in the assembling manual.

Jacob Martin


probably best printer for the money.

Leu Ronny


sehr schnelle lieferung. super



If you are looking for a kit printer and you know that it's not going to just be perfect right out of the box, then this printer is for you. You're going to spend a little time assembling, you're going to spend some time tuning, but once it works. It WORKS! Having built many kits, this is my favorite of all, and now is sat in my office just plowing through print jobs.



The Flsun i3 is my second printer. It took me about three days to put it together and the instructions were pretty clear. Once completed I wasn't optimistic for the first print. I expected I would have some tinkering to do to get it right. To my surprise, the first print came out great. Some small adjustments still need to be made, but I had to do those on our first much more expensive printer.