Maurice on 09/04/2016
80 reviews
Very nice, manual is ok; You need a bit of technical know-how to complete; For Mac Users; When completed, use slic3r: to convert your STL to GCODE, put the model on SD card and print it from SD.
Gena J. Palmer on 05/04/2016
80 reviews

Three months ago I ordered this 3D printer for my son who is an architect and has been working a lot on various projects these days. I wanted to gift this printer to him on his birthday but as it did not arrived on time so I was really disappointed.

Still I did not cancel the order as he required it so I gifted it to him later. Anyways, the assembling part was easy but my son is not very much impressed with the ABS filament as he is facing major issues with it and because of that he is not able to deliver his projects on time. Not recommended if you require for daily usage or heavy projects. Disappointed!

Dave on 04/04/2016
80 reviews
My printer was delivered at lightening speed. Somehow got from the factory in Hong Kong to my doorstep in Atlanta within 24 hours. COMES IN PIECES, literally nothing put together, hell of a fun DIY project
Julius Miller on 02/04/2016
80 reviews

Being a first time 3D printer user, I was stupid enough to think that this will be straight shot from CAD generated STL files to printed models.

Unfortunately for me it took quite a bit of ups and downs and bumps to get the printing right. You need to invest a lot of time and efforts to get the machine calibration right.

Having said that the printer is a great machine if you know how to use it. The kit consists of good quality parts and the assemble was fairly easy to handle. I have been able to get great prints with both ABS as well as PLA.

John Trole on 30/03/2016
80 reviews
Milion stars!!!! The parts are good quality. This is my first printer and assembly was about 6h. Shipping from HK to CR 4 days, tax and fee about 45$ The seller have very good communication and want to help with every case (very useful). I can only recommend this store and printer.