Phillip D. Beauford


I am very much impressed with this 3D printer. This DIY printer kit is just superb and it completely exceeded my expectations. The parts came fully organized and were packaged and labeled nicely.  This 3D printer is perfect and has a stable metal structure. 

Printing accuracy and quality is the best ever that I’ve seen so far. With the calibration and assembly, I’ve learnt so much and now I feel like an expert who knows the 3D printing in and out. Every feature of this printer is superb!  The easy connections, adjustment, DIY spread makes it the best choice for a delightful 3D printing experience.

Lou Ko


Prusa i3 is a good printer with great performance. The best thing about this metallic frame printer is that it is value for money. At such low price, it has so much to offer!

Also, the customer experience team has helped me a lot in solving the issues I faced during assembling it.



It took me about 8 or 9 hours to build this printer. How can you call this an easy-to-assemble model?

First thing first, removing the stubborn paper sheet from the acrylic was one hell of a job! Printing is fine. But, the nozzle choked within 3 months of using it. Thankfully, I had bought the spare nozzle.

The package was nicely done. I am not satisfied with the filaments though! It wouldn’t stick to the bed (particularly ABS) and is completely dependent upon the masking tape! So, I would say FLSUN is an average printer.

 Moreover, this link might help you in understanding the trick of removing paper (especially, if the paper is old. I had to actually see this!)

Alexander R. Nagy


I planned to gift this printer to my wife and that is why planned to order it. The tools which came in the kit to assemble the printer were of great quality and were complete.

Nothing was missing as I read in many of the reviews. I assembled this printer in a day and gifted it to my wife. She loved it and started working on it the very next day. She is very impressed with the metal structure which improves printing accuracy.

She is slightly disappointed with the printing speed as it is not very good and she is not able to take out expected print outs on time. Rest the printer is good to go. 

Paul D


Great Value. Certainly lower quality than more expensive printers, but the results are surprisingly good. Don't take the assembly instructions literally, often screw lengths are incorrect, and assembly order isn't the most logical. Can't complain for the price. Only required minor filing and drilling a few holes larger. Prints turned out quite good on the first try.