Xue Meng


I am not a native English speaker. I was worried about the Assembling Part. This printer had integrated motherboard. Easy to Use and Easy to Connect! It has good Metal Frame Design. 

I had most satisfying experience. Will recommend to my colleagues!

Betty C. Allen


I bought this 3D printer 3 weeks ago. It came with all the upgraded features and software. This printer is creatively designed and highly functional that delivers précised accuracy on Y-axis. I enjoy printing with this printer as I can use different types of filaments and delivers the complete model with impressive speed about 20 to 150 mm/sec. It is a lightweight machine and easy to handle. I strongly recommend this printer to my colleagues.

Maria N. Kelly


I am an Energy Commission Specialist and personally, I keep myself away from all type of electronic devices. However, recently my daughter Nilla, who is a product design engineer, bought this new 3D Prusa Printer. She enjoys working on it a lot as the printing quality is good.

But yesterday she complained about ABS filament that left excess plastic in the print bed delaying her work. She also mentioned that this printer does not use injection molding technique therefore consumes high energy. This concerned me a bit.

Hope this would help you guys in revamping it a bit!

Terry W. Moreau


I planned to gift this printer to my daughter as she is very creative and is involved in a lot of DIY projects in her college. As she has no knowledge of 3D printers, I decided to assemble it myself before gifting it to her. The assembling was very easy.

I also took out 2 prints to check the quality of the printer and I was really happy and impressed. The metal structure of the printer improves the printing accuracy.

This printer is very easy to adjust and control and I so happy that I ordered this one for my daughter. She also loved it and learned all about it within 2 days.

Martin Edwards


I was sent the wrong power plug, despite having mentioned it should be North America when ordering. I replied saying so and it was not addressed. I asked about a MIN TEMP warning and was told it was OK, when it definitely is not OK to try it with thermister with no connection reporting 0 degrees. (One end of the thermister connector was not crimped properly, just with the plastic, no metal.)

There are a lot of well thought out aspects to the printer, the assembly manual is a few versions behind I think. I was able to assemble the lcd panel with the listed screws, very tight fit though. Right now, the mechanical and electrical systems are working, just have to figure out how to not clog the nozzle.

There is an option in the firmware to have the fan start based on extruder temperature, that is what I am using now, The fan is needed to keep the heatsink cool not cool off the pla to harden. I think, this is all new to me.