Katein Mi


This printer is outstanding for the users with basic 3d printing knowledge. So easy to use and gives excellent results. Has saved us a lot of money now that we can make our own new ideas and prototypes for our business. Shipped right away and worked just like we thought it would. If you are looking for a 3d printer kit this is the one.

George A. Priest


I planned to gift this printer to my brother as he is into many DIY projects these days. I ordered it and planned to assemble it myself before gifting it to him. It hardly took me anytime to assemble it as the kit which came was in good condition and there was nothing missing from the kit.

The printer controller is integrated motherboard which is easy to connect. The printer offers many advanced solutions for limit switch position and is also very easy to adjust and control. My brother was very happy to receive it and is using it in all his projects.

Dave Youngblood


Nice seller and fast delivery. It would be much better if parts would fit well. Need to reprint parts or find alternatives. Aluminum extrusions need cleaning; they were full of dust and metal particles.



Very nice, manual is ok; You need a bit of technical know-how to complete; For Mac Users; When completed, use slic3r: http://slic3r.org to convert your STL to GCODE, put the model on SD card and print it from SD.

Gena J. Palmer


Three months ago I ordered this 3D printer for my son who is an architect and has been working a lot on various projects these days. I wanted to gift this printer to him on his birthday but as it did not arrived on time so I was really disappointed.

Still I did not cancel the order as he required it so I gifted it to him later. Anyways, the assembling part was easy but my son is not very much impressed with the ABS filament as he is facing major issues with it and because of that he is not able to deliver his projects on time. Not recommended if you require for daily usage or heavy projects. Disappointed!