Glenn on 28/02/2016
77 reviews
Cant ask for better price, fast shipping, easy to assemble, parts are made up of 3d printed plastics but that doesnt really matter when the printer works,,
Marc-Antoine L. on 26/02/2016
77 reviews

I've received my printer yesterday night and start building it on Tuesday It takes me about 6 or 7 hours (half an hour just to pell off the paper on the acrylic.

The package is nicely done, they give you a bit of let say not that good filament but it's perfect for your first print.

I've been able to do a first test print friday and also have a pretty good print sample a few hours later.

I'm using the Repetier software and CuraEngine as slicer (which is already in Repetier).

Landon on 25/02/2016
77 reviews
Instructions was not good. I am still putting it together, and I hope it works. I will buy from them again though, as they are the cheapest on the market.
Sadie Young on 24/02/2016
77 reviews

Such a nice printer! Prints clear

This Prusa i3 is a great 3D printer. It constantly provides dependable performance and can produce exceptionally detailed and intricate 3D articles.

The printer has a creative design which is apt to be housed in any room. I‘ve been using this printer for a month now and every time I print, it makes me really happy.

The printer has a high precision Y-axis position plate that gives accurate prints. Recommended!

Luke Burns on 17/02/2016
77 reviews
Do not expect a good printer for this price, but what you get for the price is pretty fair, but all in all it can not really work in a decent way (unless you have never seen a decent printer before)