Marc-Antoine L.


I've received my printer yesterday night and start building it on Tuesday It takes me about 6 or 7 hours (half an hour just to pell off the paper on the acrylic.

The package is nicely done, they give you a bit of let say not that good filament but it's perfect for your first print.

I've been able to do a first test print friday and also have a pretty good print sample a few hours later.

I'm using the Repetier software and CuraEngine as slicer (which is already in Repetier).



Instructions was not good. I am still putting it together, and I hope it works. I will buy from them again though, as they are the cheapest on the market.

Sadie Young


Such a nice printer! Prints clear

This Prusa i3 is a great 3D printer. It constantly provides dependable performance and can produce exceptionally detailed and intricate 3D articles.

The printer has a creative design which is apt to be housed in any room. I‘ve been using this printer for a month now and every time I print, it makes me really happy.

The printer has a high precision Y-axis position plate that gives accurate prints. Recommended!

Luke Burns


Do not expect a good printer for this price, but what you get for the price is pretty fair, but all in all it can not really work in a decent way (unless you have never seen a decent printer before)



Special offer by sounds good. This is a good introductory 3D printing machine with great price value for what it does. I had some difficulties at first with setting up the printing software but had a fast response from support team via email. I have currently used it for a couple of weeks and I am enjoying teaching my children the use of cad with 3D printing :)