Joshua A. Ash


With so many options available online it was actually a challenge choosing the best 3D printer but I am happy that I choose this one. I faced minor issues while assembling the printer but the customer care team helped me with all my issues.

The printer is highly functional and is very creatively designed and offers high precision Y- axis plate and guarantee Y- axis positioning accuracy. The print quality of the printer is outstanding because of its aluminum frame. Highly recommended!

Wendy Chan


I had a very challenging experience with this printer, the time it took to put together and fix problems was very long and frustrating. But after some struggles and initial setups I have never been more happy with a purchase. A 3d printer for this price is almost too good to be true but I ended up loving the printer.

Mudar Mohammad


Although the assembly was a challenge, but with the detailed explanation and support I managed to do it easily with no issue.
The Pack came exactly as described with no missing or wrong parts, and the website support is amazing, I got support even in the weekend and holydays.
I managed to print easily just after assembling the parts with no issues at all.
Yesterday I had approximately 15 hours continuous print for high detailed objects and the results are amazing.
To be honest I’m still on the PLA so far, as I’ll update my review once printing with ABS.

Jasper Land


Complete kit, half the price for similar printer kits, wouldn't recommend for someone without a mechanical/electronics background or a lot of patience. Assembly instructions and software setup don't match or are out of date in places, would take 6-8 hours to assemble and calibrate for the first time if you know what you're doing and haven't assembled a kit before.

Very pleased with the quality of the printer and parts. Also on mine the power cable coloring was different and the 0,0 position in the software was set to the wrong value (if your model prints off the platter but looks centered that may be the problem). Would recommend for someone with good technical expertise and would buy again.

Todd Hooper


Fantastic Printer

With all the 3D printing machines on the market these days, it can be challenging to figure out the best amongst them.

Because of its features and fine quality, this 3D printer covers all the positives with the added benefit of strong build material.

The printer offers precise printing, easy adjustment and control. The integrated motherboard and DIY spread add to the pluses. A great purchase!