When friends ask me what a good entry-level 3D printer is, this is what I recommend this kit if they are comfortable doing the assembly. It's an amazing printer for the price, the the guy who runs the company is really nice and supports his customers. It's an easy weekend project to assemble.

Aaron Jones


As with any DIY project it took some time to get it assembled, roughly 5 hrs. Everything was included and spares as well. The process was to get started printing wasn't for the complete novice but there is no way to beat the price if you have some technical software skill and some persistence. Great product and a large build envelope for a home printer.



I have no experience with 3d printers so I have nothing to compare it to. That said this printer has exceeded my expectations. Within an hour of starting to use it I was printing my first object.

<p>After that I made a test design in sketchup and was able to print it as well. My son has been downloading designs from thingiverse like mad and printing them, he even printed an object that clips on to the printer to help feed the filament.</p>

<p>The company was great to deal with, kept in touch with me and answered my questions promptly. Even though this shipped from China I got it in a week.</p>

David Williams


The product is overall good quality, im using for some time and i have no problems with operation. Some holes for screws i had to drill because they were too tight and screws didn't fit. To the printer is also attached manual for assembly which is very understandable.

Luis Diaz


I am absolutely delighted, Shipped same day, arrived in UAE within 4 days, great fun to build, excellent instructions all there exactly as described (plus a few extra spares) and it all works first time, this is a machine not a toy. Most satisfying experience, excellent value. would recommend to anyone.