If you are looking for a kit printer and you know that it's not going to just be perfect right out of the box, then this printer is for you. You're going to spend a little time assembling, you're going to spend some time tuning, but once it works. It WORKS! Having built many kits, this is my favorite of all, and now is sat in my office just plowing through print jobs.



The Flsun i3 is my second printer. It took me about three days to put it together and the instructions were pretty clear. Once completed I wasn't optimistic for the first print. I expected I would have some tinkering to do to get it right. To my surprise, the first print came out great. Some small adjustments still need to be made, but I had to do those on our first much more expensive printer.

Dan M


After being impressed with the FLSUN delta that I bought, I bought the FLSUN Prusa i3. It's fantastic! I had a great time putting this one together as well and it worked right away without problems! FLSUN is always working to improve their design and they make small improvements or changes all the time. Many parts that were 3d printed in the instructions actually came injection molded! There were about 3 printed parts on my version. I think it looks like they may have done away with any printed parts on the newest version. They also started using wheels instead of linear bearings in many places which might be a step backwards in some people's opinion. Still, they have kept the 2 Z motors which I think is important for a consistent bed height where others have not. All in all I am extremely happy with my purchase!!!

Laurens Koster


Good value!



Great printer! Shipped and arrived ahead of time! Assembly took me about 6 hours with the instructions provided. Printed PLA pristinely right off the bat no firmware modifications. a 20mm calibration cube was accurate to .01mm on a low quality print resolution. Had an issue with the power supply, so I couldn't test ABS out the gate, but after talking with them, and verifying that was the issue, they shipped out a replacement. I'd suggest lowering the xy_jerk setting in marlin, but other than that the firmware was already pretty much calibrated. It isn't perfect, and I wrote a much more extensive review, but this only lets me write up to 1000 characters. For the pricepoint, though, its really nice. If you're looking for a cheap printer thats relatively easy to use I definitely recommend this. There is a thingiverse usergroup that has a lot of upgrades and suggestions to fix existing problems. tl;dr: Great printer! Caring support! Quality prints! Decent Upgradability!