Chad Hayles


It is a wonderfull device. simple to install with good instruction. How to use the endswitch at the nozzel I have not understand yet. Many greetings to the team.

Jaime Major


I still haven't found the time to finish building it, but I already can say that this product is awesome for the price it costs. The packing is exceptionally well made. The quality of the components is superior and the included instructions are very clear. The only comment about the instructions is that it would have been a good idea not to use black printed parts for the pictures... Thanks!



I have had this machine since April. I literally use it every day and even though it has had some problems the support team has bean super responsive and its clear they definitely care about their customers and stand by their products.

A.D. Mobley


only about an hour though the build. Make sure you have all the tools before hand. Hex key set and spanner + pliers? You can do about an hours work without tools. numbers on the boxes are not opening order, so just open and lay all of them out Manual is in the micro sd card. should be awesome once its built.

Janine M. Townsend


With no experience with 3D printers, I was a fool to believe that the printer will come assembled and I will start printing the minute it will arrive. It took me a lot of time and efforts to get the machine calibration right. I also had to drill some hole for screws as they were too tight and screws didn’t fit.

Yes, the aluminum frame of the printer offers better printing effect, I am happy with the printer but I only wish that the assembling part was a bit easy.