Kristian Marshall


Instructions weren't perfect we had to improvise a couple times but other then that it went together really smoothly taking the better part of a day. Also the mounts for the mainboard and power supply didn't line up with the mounting holes but it was easily fixed. First print was beautiful other then a little stringing without even changing any of the default settings. The pla that came with it is okay it seems to have dust and random other partials in it every now and then. However, after getting some new filament and calibrating it a tiny bit it is printing far beyond my expectations. Only complaint is that the x motor is noisy and both it and the stepper driver for it get kinda hot when i feel like they aren't suppose to. So for the price i feel like this is an amazing printer because with the metal frame its a rock with lots of room to make any additions youd like.

Tony T


Printer is awesome, received in 1 week from date of order to Australia. Very happy. Everything was in the box, everything works, and I'm now printing some very high quality items. Thanks.

Samantha Reid Pomranky


The KIT appears to be complete, I will know further after I have read the provided documentation a few more times and then make a start on the build. Very pleased with it so far...

Jean-Jacques Rochat


This is the 4th 3D printer I built. I first did an Ultimaker Original, a Vellemann K8200, a FLSUN mini Kossel and now this FLSUN Prusa i3. I find it a very good price quality ratio.

Still, it needs some skills and experience. While shipping is very fast, and feedback with the support also, I built the printer and found there were missing a few nuts and washers (there were more than enough in the mini Kossel). And also one end switch was not working.

Also, the provided heated bed showed not perfectly planar and the PLA won’t stick to it, neither cold nor warm, neither without nor with the provided tape. It definitely needs blue tape. And the glass bed should still be provided. Also a technical question ? why fix the X end switch to the moving extruder and not on the part with the screw ?

The hole broke when I screwed the switch in place. Details so I still recommend this printer.

Juan Mejia (M010095)


Good printer. Well packaged and delivered on time. I would recommend that in addition to the manual to assemble it would be made and included step by step videos of armed. Thank you