Juan de la Fuente


The metal frame is really good, I´ve seen other printers acrylic made and this is awsome comparing to them. The X and Z carriage parts are not good designed for my opinion: Belt is not aligned with vertical bar, so tension in belt make Z bars to disalign and bend to inner side.

Printed parts are fine, just a more work than normal to fit some parts (using cutter is fine, but very laborous), but high quality in general. Screw kit is very good, also it comes with a lot more screws than needed.

Electronic board is good, but there is nothing about that on the internet. SD card is not micro as is picture. Not cristal like pics as well. Filaments included are normal, 250gr each colour. The worst thing for me is the ABS molded extruder part: is came completely bended.

Stacy Olivas


The quality of the pieces seems to be sound, but customer support from FLSUN is wanting.

The pieces are sturdy and seem to be good. The instruction manual could benefit greatly from having someone who speaks English natively go over it to fix the "engrish" included. The pictures are ok, but having pictures in steps that show something fully completed (with no text/warning), can make one think they missed something.

I knew going into this venture that if I had any problems, contacting and getting an answer from customer service would be the tricky part.

Here is my review by category:

Parts :5/5
Assembly instrctions: 3/5
FLSUN Customer support: 1/5

Yanto yunus


The shippment on schedulle. The 3d printer exactly like the picture. Customer support is very good. I like bought from this site. But untill now i can find the problem can not working from the printer. May be next day with your customer support can find it. Thanks so much



Assembling the printing was seriously a good learning experience. I didn’t have to spend extra hours after assembling to understand the printer as assembling made it all clear. The kit comes included with all the nuts and washers and extra screws too so there is no need of spending more money. The MK3 hot bed is the latest one and the filament is also of the best quality. The cooling fans also cool down the print filament instantly and I never have to stop while printing.

Susan R. Garcia


The quality of the printer is good and the parts are also made of good quality material. I was happy when the printer arrived but I got disappointed when I started assembling it. The manual is of no use and seems incomplete. I messed up while assembling and made huge blunders. Thankfully one of my friends helped me out. The printer has two cooling fans which do not let heating issues happen. The printer does not make any noise while printing and the printing performance is also outstanding.