Susan R. Garcia


The quality of the printer is good and the parts are also made of good quality material. I was happy when the printer arrived but I got disappointed when I started assembling it. The manual is of no use and seems incomplete. I messed up while assembling and made huge blunders. Thankfully one of my friends helped me out. The printer has two cooling fans which do not let heating issues happen. The printer does not make any noise while printing and the printing performance is also outstanding.



This is my first 3D printer and I am very happy with the easy and hassle free assembling which only took 4 hours. Everything was included in the kit when the printer arrived and the manual really helped. I only faced minor issues with leveling and calibration part but I managed to get them right. The printer is an updated machine with latest MK3 hot bed and high quality filament which allows the printer to deliver high quality print outs. The printer is compact in size and is light in weight and is perfect for my space starved office cabin.

Jason Hilbun


The very best machine for the money! Used it to prototype my own brand! COMING SOON!



A great printer! It is a very economical printer and is too good for its price. I am so glad to choose this one from other short listed options. The assembling was easy and hassle free as the printer came along with extra nuts, washers and screws. It comes with a MK3 hot bed which is the updated feature. The filament works flawlessly and prints really well. I print a lot of models monthly and they all are precise and best quality. Recommended!



Yes, the kit is bit difficult to assemble and that is the only challenge which I have faced. And customer care service offers all the help you require to assemble the printer and listens to your queries very patiently. The printer’s tools are of high quality and assembling them was a great learning experience and I got to know how the printer works and how to operate it. The printing performance is impressive and I get more than I expect. A great and a very economical printer!