Such a complicated machine! I am so tired of using this printer and fixing it again and again. I don’t think I will ever be able to fix it completely right. The manual seems to be incomplete and I actually committed huge mistakes while assembling the printer and things got too complicated. I shifted to online videos and started everything again and finally assembled it. I am not able to get precise print outs because some of its parts are still now properly fixed and due to lack of instructions I don’t even know how to fix them.



If you want a more stable, reliable printer for you then this printer with metal structure is the perfect option for you. Assembling the kit becomes easy if you go through the manual carefully and while assembling I learned a lot about the printer and was able to operate it easily afterwards. The extra screws and nuts which came along helped me to fix the kit permanently and the printer is performing outstandingly well till now. The printing speed allows me to print as many prints I want to in a single day. Very impressed!



The printer is very economical and after using it for around 6 months I can say that it is worth buying. It is very light in weight and can be carried around easily. I carry the printer every day to my office and then bring it home. The print is easy and fun to operate and the printing quality is really good. Initially I faced some issues while leveling and calibrating the machine but once everything was fixed I only got precise and high quality print outs. The best 3D printer ever!

Badra Fakhoury


Great Machine! Very nice built printer!!

I love the minimalist design of this DIY printer. FLSUN comes with a metallic body frame that is lightweight and can be placed anywhere. Definitely a reliable 3D printer as it delivers excellent performance (I’ve been using this printer for 2 months now!). I must also appreciate the kind of support I received during building this device. Each time I've contacted FLSUN with a problem or question, they have responded in an informative way. In fact, last week there was a problem with my extruder. So I called them up. To my surprise, they reverted back in a trice and solved my problem!

Kudos to their customer support!



The Prusa DIT kit is not at all easy to assemble. It took me so much of time to finally assemble the kit as the manual is complicated and the instructions are not clear. I made major blunders while assembling and then I had to start from scratch. I even contacted customer care many times and asked for help. It took me 9 hours to assemble the kit and around 2 days to completely understand how the printer works. I still face issues with the printer as some parts still require regular fixing. Average printer