I would like to preface this review by saying, this is my first 3D printer. That said, I'm very happy with with the flsun.

* Fairly good components
* Good printing performance
* Assembly was a great learning experience
* Included an MK3 hot bed, which is a nice up grade from the MK2 stated
* Included a lot of extra screws, nuts and washers.
* Included filament was pretty good quality

* No visible instructions. After snooping, I found the instructions on the included SD card.
* Takes full size SD, but comes with a micro SD
* Did not include two fans as document
* You will need to drill out some of the pieces to get it assembled.

I would recommend this kit, but only if you have a drill and some bits.

Sonya J.


My friend wanted to have a 3D printer and I thought this would be a perfect printer for him and gifted the unassembled kit to him as I had no idea about how to assemble it. I thought that the assembling part would be easy for him as he knows a lot about 3D printers but it was not.

He told me that assembling instructions on the manual are complicated and are not even exactly correct and that is why he got confused and finally called customer care for help. He finally managed the assembling process and started working with the printer. He told me that the printer is of average quality and he uses it only for his minor projects.

Marsha A. Caraballo


I ordered this printer for my DIY projects as I am planning to expand my business. The printer arrived on time and assembling the printer was easy. I just followed the instructions patiently and the machine got ready to use within hours.

The powerful extruder of the printer makes the machine stable and more accurate. The print outs are outstanding and the high quality helps me to get more and more projects. All my clients are impressed with the print outs and I am planning to buy the same printer again.



The printer is cheap and it is difficult to get such a cheap printer with such great features. The printer is compatible with various filaments and is also equipped with cooling fans which immediately helps to cool down the print filament. The printer parts are also of good quality and have not disappointed me until now. The only issue which I have is with the printing speed as it is not very good and I was expected a lot from this printer. Apart from the slow but manageable printing speed the printer is a good option.



My first dive into the 3d printer world and here are my thoughts. Bear in mind I have no reference point. Quality not exceptional, but for 220 I was not expecting much either, about what I was expecting so no surprises. Good enough. It really does come in pieces and took me at least 10 hrs to assemble. Not for the non tinkerer I did have to file pices and drill out a few holes. Even tapped some to improve on the design I am an electronics engineer and a DIY with access to a fair amount of tools. I would have had a much tougher time if I wasnt. I learnt a lot and now would be quite comfortable building my one from parts I could buy off the internet. Improving on the design Ultimately i am happy with my purchase, it works and it was money well spent. You get what you pay for, be realistic, dont expect 1000 dollar quality when paying just over 200.