The printer took a week to assemble and another week to calibrate, but once I got everything dialed in, I couldn't ask for more for the price. The print quality is better than I was expecting for such a good deal. I did have to buy some extra parts off amazon (~$6) to get it working, since the parts that came with it were a little cheap and broke, but frankly if I'd asked they probably would have sent replacements. Their customer support was quick to respond when I had a question about the instructions (which are all in badly-translated English but still fairly easy to follow, with helpful pictures on every page).

Jan Franken


Awesome kit! Arrived well packaged and with enough extra nuts and bolts to make it easy to assemble. Construction is well thought out and rigid. Initial calibration is easy. Assembly instructions are photo based and step-by-step. Assembly of the print head fan duct requires some extra nuts that were not shown, but is shown in youtube videos. There are some gaps toward the end of the assembly instructions, but they are minor and easily figured out. As per another comment on this site, remember to pick and mark an X-motor (left front), Y-motor (right front), and Z-motor (middle back). Also mark their cable connectors. This will help significantly toward the end when plugging in the electronics!

normand gaudreault


Not a peinter for the faint of heart but what a great one when everything is set up correctly! There is a lot of reading online to do but with a growing community for support you can easily find everything you need. Fast shipping from the seller and swift replies to all my questions.



I have 2 printers from Flsun, one cartesian i3 Prusa and one delta Kossel. The assembling is not so easy, but I succeed. Several file names are in Chinese alphabet, and I did not succeed to copy them to the computer. They have several minor problems. Assembling manual for Prusa is a little bit difficult to understand. The turbo fan of delta Kossel was difficult to mount inside the plastic hole. The 300W power supply of Delta stopped to work, but the problem was just visible bad soldering, I repaired it and now is OK. The mainboard of i3 Prusa did not read SD card. I'm very thankful to support from FlSun, they sent me one spare display and one spare mainboard. Completely free of charge, without any transportation costs for me. Now everything works well. The product is good according to it's price. The major advance is the open source of the firmware.

Francisco Alvarez


Well packed, easy to build. Very happy with my printer! :)